Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Yes, Cheleski68! I`am still locked and loaded LOL!
This time I`am embracing the journey, Curly Qs and all! I could not take my two tone hair. Half gray and half red. I wanted to grow out my grays and dye the bottom part black for an ombre look. I discovered a new way to dye my hair.  I loosely braid and band my locks, then apply color only to the loose hair! I rinse, rinse, rinse and then re-tighten! No bunching or swelling of my locks. That was my problem with the last set.


It feels like I have one million locks! I`am back to doing my own hair. It takes me days to re-tightened. I have small-medium and some small locs. I discovered my hair likes the medium locks. They have started budding in the back. The small locs are not doing anything. The smaller locs are fragile and are more prone to breakage and thinning. I dread re-ti! I`am going to combine locks in  September. I want to  transition to gray hair. The color has definitely has helped roughen my hair to help it locked. Chasing gray is stressful! My hair grows very fast! In less than two weeks, I can see the grays growing in! The color helps me see my parts. With gray hair, my scalp blends with my grays and I cant see my parts!

Hundreds of curly Q`s! My hair does not coil like tightly coiled hair. My hair never locks at the end of my locs. it starts in the middle and locks three quarters down the loc. I usually have to let my hair lock, then cut the curly Q`s off. If I do it too soon, my loc will start to unravel.

Neat locks? What? I always will have strands of hair coming out of my locs. No matter how hard I try to keep them in place, they find their way out. They say when they lock, the hair will pull into the lock. Not mine. I will never have neat locs like the tightly coiled girls.


                                                  1st set of locs (2011)

                            I cut my locs off in April 2013.

I`am enjoying my locs! Like I said, the third time is a charm!