Friday, October 10, 2008

Interlocking Patterns

The most common locking patterns: Pattern 4- Used for tightly curled hair 9, 6, 3, 12
Pattern 3- Used for loose curled hair 9, 6, 9, 12

The least common locking pattern: pattern 4 reversed- Used for excessive slippage  3, 6, 9, 12
Part squares : 1/8" to 1/4" - Micro to small locs Small locs in the front
Part squares: 1/4" to 3/8" - Medium to large locs Medium locs in the mid-section
Medium and large in crown and back

For interlocks : Braid and band when washing hair. Wet hair and with medium water pressure. Place shampoo on scalp and on each braided bundle. wash hair gently from scalp to ends of locs. After washing, Remove braids and bands and separated locs to prevent crawling of locs.
1. Use shampoos with out conditioner until locked.

2.Do not use oils on hair in the baby stage.
3. wash hair before retightening. Sippage occurs the most after shampooing.

Enter the loc at 3`o Clock to 9` o clock

Enter the loc at 6` 0 clock to 12` 0 clock

Enter the loc 9` 0 clock to 3` o clock

Enter the loc at 12` o clock to 6` o clock
Always enter the loc at the scalp. As you pull your loc through, always push loop down towards the loc to eliminate gaps in your lock. Repeat until you are at the scalp and cannot complete another rotation. Your retightening should resemble a fishtail and feel like a tight cord.

The Sisterlock Hype

Having Sisterlocks was a challenge. I had a lot of slippage and some unravelling. During my first month locked, with the blessing of my consultant, I dyed my hair. My nape unravelled. I was so distraught! I had to wait two weeks to get an appointment. it really was not an appointment. It was a wait until other clients with an appointment finish and I will take care of you. It took two squeeze in "appointments" to get my hair re tightened and my locs reinstalled.

My consultant is excellent. Her clients have beautiful locks and she has a huge following. No parking and waiting to get my hair re tightened was not my vision. That reminded me of my permed days. Any way, that was my cue to take things into my own hands!

I searched the internet for some clue of the "secret sisterlock pattern" The pattern was all over the internet, but how to carry out the "secret' was still a mystery! One day I was conversing with a sisterlock friend about my sisterlock experience. We met and she taught me the technique. I learned how to re tightened and restart my locs if they unraveled. For the first time I felt like I was delivered from bondage! I was free to do my own locs and keep on top of my own maintenance.

I was compelled to share my knowledge after experiencing Sisterlock snobbery in person and over the internet. On the yahoo group site, lockItUp, there was so much snobbery. The moderator and members attacked other members who did not follow the "norm". On four occasions, I wrote a post that never appeared on the site. What kind of crap is that? I never said anything that would go against the grain. If you did not use the sisterlock tool or you took your hair care into your own hands without taking the re tighten class, you no longer have sisterlocks! That bull crap!

I paid $600 and sat for 15hrs to get these locs installed upon this head! I dare Ms Thang or anyone else to tell me that the locs in my hair are not sisterlocks!

I see sisterlocks more as a cult than a sorority. Sisterlocks is another alternate way to lock hair and gives the user more versatility of styling options. Its another way of going natural. It is a business. They do not make the person! Girlfriends! Its only hair!