Monday, April 5, 2010

Locs and Motorcycles... Meet Ninja Girl!

Craigslist is not that bad. There, I found my girl! I decided to look on craigslist for bikes. I really did not want to spend full price for a first bike, but I did not want to get stuck with a hot mess!

As you know from my previous post, I went to the international motorcycle show in New York to narrow down my choices. The Yamaha FZ6R is fairly new. There was a very slim chance that I would find this bike used other than a dealership. I had a difficult time finding anything decent in the my tri state area from 2008 other than the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250. It`s a beautiful bike, but I have a problem buying something that I will have to get rid of next spring because I would grow out of it as soon as I develop and feel more confident in my motorcycle skills.

I was browsing craigslist in South Jersey, when I stumbled on a listing: "2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650R-$4000" I almost had a fit! The bike was the same bike on my screen saver. It was red, it had sliders (sliders are knobs that protrude out from the side of a bike to prevent or minimize damage to your bike, Mainly the fairings, the plastic molding on sports bikes), and a fender eliminator.

I immediately responded to the ad. After two days of not getting a response from the seller, I sent another response and inquired about a 2009 Kawasaki ninja 250 for $ 3500. The Ninja 250 guy was prompt with his response. I wanted to hear from the Ninja 650 guy!

On the third day, I received an Email from the mike, the Ninja 650 owner! YES!!! I asked Mike why was he selling the bike. He said he needed a car. He told me he took long to call because he had a car trade offer that fell through! He also told me that he had a hard time finding the Ninja 650. He had to go to a Philly dealership to purchase this bike.With this said, Ninja Girl was a God Send.

Mike gave me the VIN #. We made arrangements to meet so my friend and I could inspect the bike! Andre, a brother in Christ had a bike trailer. Leland, my brother in Christ picked it up, hitched it to his car and we were on our way to Toms River, New jersey to check out the bike!

It rained like cats and dogs! That did not rain on my parade! When we finally got to the seller`s home, he had the garage door open and the Red Ninja Girl was winking at me! She was in mint condition! I mean brand new! Not a scratches! Everything chrome gleamed. The tires still had nubs on it. She only had 657 miles on her. After we inspected her and signed the title and filled out all the DMV papers, Leland and the seller, Mike, rolled Ninja Girl into the trailer and secured her. Mike threw in a magnetic tank bag, three quarts of synthetic oil, and a filter. He said Ninja Girl needs her oil changed! What a nice young man!

When I arrived home, Leland placed Ninja girl in my garage. I thanked him and he went home to have dinner with his lovely wife, Lisa. I did not want to touch her until I got insurance on her. That took 20 minutes! I could not ride her because she was not registered. That Thursday, I got her registered. That weekend, it rained. It was two weeks before I tried her out :-(

When the day came to ride her, I has nervous as heck! I had not rode since last August! My Ninja is a sports bike. The bike I rode was a cruiser. This is a different feel all together. My bike has an upright position, but the seat height is higher. My feet was not planted firmly on the ground. I had to buy a pair of Icon hella motorcycle boots. They have a 3" wedge heel which helps that problem. My legs are in the sports bike position instead of being forward as it is on a cruiser. I had to adjust to my foot position on my bike. It was very strange at first, but I adjusted. She rides well. The bike is very centered and balanced. She is very controlled and predictable. That is a plus for a newbie! She hugs the curves well too!
She will be suited well for her mission to help me spread Gods Word with other fellow Christian riders!

I`am completely happy with my Ninja girl! She is all what the Kawasaki engineers made her to be! I pray that she will be my friend for many years to come!

Trust God for deliverance from evil and temptation (Luke 11:4)