Saturday, July 13, 2013


My three months of loose hair became boring very quickly! I thought of perming again, but then I would have to be at the mercy of a salon. I wanted to maintain a short do.  Then I would begin the vicious cycle of hair mutilation. That thought left quickly! I also thought of texturizing my hair. Again that would lead to hair and scalp damage. I thought, If I place a texturizer in my hair, I will have to have another big chop to lock up my hair. 

I love my wigs, but they do get hot! I could not wait until I got home to pull the wig cap and wig off so my scalp could breath!
 My wigs have allowed my hair to grow and stay healthy. I plan to wear them until my babies begin to lock. I will continue to use them as fashion accessories.

I`am going to Barbados for vacation and to unite with cousins I never met in October. The first thing I thought about is my hair. How the hell could I possible swim in a wig? Yes, I could get braids. Then I would have to deal with the soreness of tight braids and potential damage to my scalp.

Why would I waste time and money on micro braids, when I could re-lock my hair!

I wanted traditional locs, so I twisted my loose curl textured hair. When moisture hit it, they began to unravel. That stressed me out! I decide to interlock.
 I found my self going to the SisterLock web site searching for consultants and trainees in my area. I really did not want micro locs. I wanted my locks smaller than traditional locs. I don`t give a shit about perfect grids and lock uniformity. All I want is neat looking locs.
When I thought about paying $600 + for someone to install my locs because of my laziness and impatience, I said to my self, WTF!! You can loc up your own hair!

With the help of two mirrors and my husband helping me straighten my parts that I can`t see, my babies are being born! Thanks to my wigs, I birth a few babies at a time! When I get tired, I stop. I place my wig mesh cap on and keep it moving!


Wash locs with a clarifying shampoo. NO CONDITIONERS!
Remember to braid and band new interlocks. If you can`t braid your short locs, group them together and place small rubber bands at the ends.

Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar: Baby loc stage.
Bronner`s Pure Castile Soap: Unscented Baby Mild.
Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo. 
Beauty Without Cruelty Shampoo: Rosemary Mint Tea Tree 

 1 tbs- Sweet almond oil
5 drops Tea tree essential oil
5 drops Peppermint essential oil
5 drops  Rosemary essential oil

I apply this oil to my scalp only. To keep my developing locs moisturized, I use Jane Carter Leave in conditioner. It does not make the locs unravel. To rid bed head, I spritz with water. WATER IS YOUR FRIEND!


Until next time, stay blessed!