Monday, April 20, 2015


Five months and counting! April 20th marks my fifth month locked! I have cut off my glued tips. Some of my loc tips unraveled slightly and formed curly Qs. Some stayed closed. I have some locs that are settling and some that are slipping!
I notice when you do something the same way, you get the same results! When you do something different you get different results!

I believe I will be locked by my first year! My first journey, I dyed my hair prematurely and alot of my locs unraveled! I used cream conditioner on my hair and my tips opened. Yes, I diluted it with water! You should use products for locs. I used Taliah Waajid`s shampoo and conditioner.  I did not have any adverse issues with my hair until I used regular cream conditioner. I do not believe that one should not condition your hair! This should be done when you are fully locked. My first consultant used Jane Carter leave in conditioner on my hair since day one! My hair felt conditioned and moisturized without the fear of unraveling!
My locs are filling out nicely! As I wrote in a previous post, I do not wear my hair out. It is always safely tucked away under a satin cap! That way, it can do its thing!

My hair is responding and acting the same way it did the first time I Sisterlocked. The difference is I did not place dye and a lot of hair care products in my hair as I did in the first loc journey! I use Knotty Boy bar Shampoo, Apricot oil with essential oils to my scalp and a spray bottle with spring water and Aloe Vera gel to my locs daily.

My hair is still a bit too short to braid and band. I braid and band what I can and bundle and band the locs that are too short! I towel dry, remove the rubber bands, separate and air dry!
 CAUTION: As your locs grow long, it will take longer to dry predisposing you to moldy locs! To prevent this place your locs under the dryer until they are damp. (15-20 minutes) Then allow to air dry. Never had a problem using this technique!

I have unruly hair! It takes time to do it`s thing! I will continue to wear hats and wigs as protective tools for my hair! I will give another update in July. Until then, stay blessed!