Sunday, November 1, 2009


As I mentioned in my last makeup post, I became addicted to make up when I was not happy with my rebellious locs. It was either take down my locs and be regretful or deter my mind to another part of my body! I wore make up in college, but when my sons were born, the only thing I had time for was lipstick and mascara!

Now a middle aged woman ( 48yr. 5mo) , I`am very conscience of my appearance and my health. I was before. Now I`am a fanatic. I suffer from no health aliments and I would like to keep it this way for as long as I could. So, three to four times a week, I attend Zumba, step aerobics, and Nautilus weight training to keep within my healthy BMI and in my beautiful clothes! In a menopausal woman, that can be a challenge!

Looking in the mirror, I inspected my face. Not a wrinkle or crow feet at the eyes! Oooh I love my oily skin and DNA! I do not like the dark spots from the pimples. The large pores and inflamed and redden spots on my cheeks. How do I get a uniformed color to my complexion and hide the little imperfections? MAKE UP!

Two weeks ago, I had to get some winter make up. Reading, I discovered that you have to change the color of your foundation to ascent the darker color of your skin, tanned in the summer by the sun. For my summer foundation, I had some Mac liquid foundation: NW45 from the day that I first went to Macy`s to get matched for foundation.

The sales associate looked at my face and said I needed NW45. When I got home to apply the make up, I realized it looked red and a shade too dark. I was so angry! But, I was more angry with myself! For 26 bucks, I knew that I should have placed the makeup on my jaw line for 10min then go out side and look at the color in the mirror! DON`T TAKE THE SALES ASSOCIATES WORD FOR IT. THEY ARE THERE TO SELL PRODUCT. PLACE THE COLOR ON YOUR JAW LINE. GO OUT SIDE IN THE LIGHT! If YOU CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN AND THE COLOR OF THE FOUNDATION. IT`S THE RIGHT COLOR! I went back to Macy`s two weeks later and purchased Mac select 15 FPS foundation:NC50. My correct color match.

Iman Earth 2 cream foundation

I also bought Iman`s second to none cream to powder foundation in Earth 2. It`s the equivalent to Mac`s NW45. I loved how it glided over my skin. It covered my flaws well and kept my skin moist. I felt like I had no make up on!

On that note, I went to Macy`s to purchase my winter foundation.Since I loved Iman`s cream foundation so much, I decided to try MAC`s Studio Tech foundation:NC50. LOVE IT! It glides on smoothly, covers well and keeps my skin moist all day! I purchased Iman`s cream foundation in Earth 1. MAC`s NC50 color equivalent.

MAC Studio Tech:NC50

Watching you tube, Coloured beauiful had a comparison of a mac finishing powder and a Revlon ColorStay mineral finshing powder. I loved the Revlon mineral powder in Suntan matte. It left a slight shimmer without looking shiny. I had a little glow going on. I normally use MAC `s select sheer powder in NC45 or Cover Girl professional loose powder in 125 translucent tawney. Revlon`s finishing powder is my number one.

Coloured Beautiful also reviewed Revlon ColorStay foundation. Since she never used Mac, she could not give a Mac comparison. So here is my review. Revlon Color Stay is inferior to MAC. It`s not even a close second. It glides on thin. It does not cover well. It`s very drying. I feel as if I was wearing a facial mask. It`s tolerable! MAC Select SPF 15 foundation (liquid) glides on smooth. Covers dark spots and inperfections without using a concealer. It keep the skin moisturized through out the day, So I forget I have it on.

MAC is the winner! You get what you pay for here! Iman is my second runner up! Revlon is a distant third.

MAC Studio Tech:NC45 and Revlon ColorStay: Caramel

What is your favorite cosmetics? Why does it work for you? Drop me a line!

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