Monday, June 29, 2009


I was driving, listening to Michael Baisden, on 98.7 Kiss, when they had received news that Michael Jackson had suffered a massive heart attack. By then, everyone was scrambling to get confirmation that he had passed away. I was in shock! I prayed at that point, that he would be alright.

Thirty minutes later, It was official! Michael Jackson was gone! Immediately, my son, and mother had called to inform me of the news. I received text messages from friends. I felt as if I had lost my brother all over again. I felt so empty and helpless. When I arrived home to confirm the news for myself, I turned on the news and went on the net. Sadly, he was gone forever. But his music and my memories for him live on.

For my 14th birthday, my mom surprised me with three front seat tickets to Radio City Music Hall to see the Jackson Five. My mother` s friend was a tailor at Bloomingdale's. He had made me a pink tuxedo as a birthday gift like the one the Jackson five have in the picture below.

Like other young girls, I was crazy in love with first African American teen idols of my time. Mike and his brothers were one of the fore fathers of music that would cross racial boundaries and truly make their music a universal language! Michael had humanly touched the world. He paved the way for other entertainers . As quiet as it is kept, he has helped more people than any other entertainer!

Michael had issues like any other person. Unfortunately, when it comes to our people, the media never fails to emphasize the negative points.

Michael is the King of Pop. No one will ever replace him. He is our Elvis and the Jackson Five is our Beetles. I will always remember the effect his music has on me and the rest of mankind!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Loc Up Do

I`am getting very bored with my locs. When I was creamy crack addict and became bored or unhappy with my hair, You better watch out! No one knew how I was going to look when I came to work the next day. If I saw a fly hair style in a book, I found a stylist that could give me that look.

One day at a new job, I saw a woman with a fierce short hair cut. I told the woman, she had a beautiful hair style and in the same breath, I asked her, who did her hair? She gave me Virginia`s card and that Saturday, I went from hair that surpassed my bra to a Halley Berry short cut. I wore my hair short for three years. When I wanted long hair, I would add hair. That was not the same as having naturally long hair, so I began to grow it back. That's when my problems began and one of the reasons why I` am locked!

In the past weeks, I have been having traditional loc envy. I really love the smoothness and cylindrical look of traditional locs. I hate the idea of keeping the interlocking pattern of my locs. Every one who I saw who had Sisterlocks had not lost their pattern unless they had a very kinky hair type. I latched by son`s traditional locs. He has a tightly coiled texture. After six months, I could tell the difference between the palm roll technique and the interlocking technique. (2pt rotation) I really did not like the look. So I will resume palm rolling his hair. As for me I`am tittering on whether I`am going to take down my SL and begin a new loc journey with palm rolling in December.

I began to re-ti my hair using the 3pt rotation, because it is a loose pattern compared to pt4 and it is suppose to yield a loc that has more volume. I`am noticing that the 3pt re-ti looks more like locs compared to the 4pt re-ti, at the ends of my locs. I presume that the shedded hair can settle naturally, without being choked up in the loc.

A friend of mine suggested that I take two locs and begin palm rolling them together. If I like the results, I could combine the rest of my locs and begin my new loc journey with palm rolling. I thought that was a great idea. So, as soon as I get some new growth, I will begin palm rolling and posting my results!

To prevent me from doing something, stupid like taking down my locs, I had to color my hair with Natural instincts:20B, Cinnamon Stick ( medium warm brown) and Kumina`s Gray Magic.

After, I dried my hair under a cool dryer, I began to experiment a little. My locs have different lengths so I`am still limited in what I can do to style my locs. I began playing with the locs in the back and this is what I came up with.

I spritzed the rest of my locs with water, then I rolled them with soft spikes. This is the end result!

Well, I accomplished my first loc style! Maybe that will give me some incentive to discover new loc styles. I want long locs, but I need to work with what I have. People with long locs had to begin from some where too! After all, I have to do my time too!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OMG!! Where is my Nappy Lock Tool? On Memorial day, I was lounging on my chaise tightening my locs. BF was in the garage securing the steps leading into the house. Before he starts any project, he has to get my seal of approval or else he will be sent home with his tail between his legs! LOL! He calls me for the seal of approval ,which is blissfully granted! I attempt to continue my re-ti. I can not find my tool! I look under the chaise, under the cushion, on the fireplace mantle. I run up stairs to the bedroom. I look on the dresser, on the night stand, and on the vanity in my bathroom. No tool!

I always misplace my tool and then find it in a few days. I usually have my plastic yarn needles as a back up! I looked in the vanity drawer and no more yarn needles! At this point, I`am crazy! The next day after work, I go to walmart to purchase some plastic yarn needles. They had none! By now, I `am desperate! so, I go down the road to Michael`s. I hate shopping at Michael`s. They are too darn expensive! I only go to michaels when they have a fierce sale on beads.

I go into michael`s to find the yarn needles. They have two in the pack for $ 1.49. That`s crazy! I usually get four needles at walmart for the same price! Well like I said before, I `am desperate!

I go home and begin to make my loc tool. I like these needles!The eye is very pliable. Usually, when I buy Walmart needles, I break at least one before I get one made. I did a re-ti! Now I`am very happy! I made a video for you who lost your Nappy Loc tool. Don`t get me wrong, I love my NL tool, and I will purchase another one! For now, this works very well for me. Any way, it is an inexpensive alternate and it`s readily available!