Saturday, November 22, 2014


My SisterLocks were born on November 20, 2014. They were delivered by Stacey Ann Douse-Maragh, SisterLock Consultant since 2002. She is also a licensed cosmetologist that specializes in Natural hair care and thinning hair.
Stacy finished my three inches of natural hair with large SLs in six and one half hours! She said I was her fastest SisterLock instillation.

Normally, she does SL instillation in two days during the week. I explained that I was a contracted nurse that does not get paid when I do not work. she informed me that she would try to finish in one day, but it may be a possibility that I would have to come back. Thanks to Stacy, she finished in one day and I walked out a very happy customer!
 I had a great experience with her! I will be returning to her salon in three weeks for my checkup. There after, every six to eight weeks.

If you need a great loctician, a master SL consultant or stylist,  call Stacy (914-837-2337) Her Salon: infinitihairsalon

 My picture of my first instillation in 2007

 Updates to come!


Saturday, November 15, 2014


Here we go again! My SisterLocks Consultation!
As you know, I big chopped three times. This is my second and hopefully my last time being SisterLocked! I really don`t intend to cut my locs off. I saw the grass and its not greener on the other side!

Finding a consultant that you click with is not easy. I referred my girlfriend that has had Sisterlocks four times to three people on the SisterLocks consultant list. The consultants never returned her calls.

I called a consultant she refered me to. I called, left my info, waited 48 hours then called again! The women told me she had my info and never called back! What the hell happened to customer service! There are people who contact numbers are obsolete! 
I was refered to a partime consultant that did hair on her days off and on the weekends. She gave me a consultation date for two months. Really? She is the only consultant in my area. I`am NOT waiting untill January to get my hair done! I will drive one hour!

I found my consultant on the SisterLock Site. I googled here name. I was directed to a blogger that had raved about her. I discovered that she had her own salon. She is a cosmetologist that specialized in natural hair! I called her. An appointment for consultation was made. She has been doing SisterLocks for 14 years! I received my consultation. I told her I wanted only large SisterLocks only! left my deposit. My babies will be delivered on 11/20/14!

Ladies! Choose your consultant wisely! Research your consultant. Ask questions. Look at her clients hair. Do the right thing by following instructions that your consultant tells you! Your locks should turn out fine. If not, find another consultant! Don`t wait until your hair is locked and a hot mess like my girl friend did!

Saturday, August 2, 2014



When I began to relax my hair, I had to find a semi-permanent color that would reduce damage and not dry my hair out! I did not want to use box color.When my beautician would color my hair, I would break my neck to see what she used. I saw her bring a silver gray bottle out of the supply room. I went to Sally`s beauty supply to find that silver gray bottle. It was Clairol Beautiful Collection advance gray solution. My hair was reddish brown, so I selected Mahogany Red Brown. The color matched that week.

From that day on, after she would apply the color, I would look at the color she had applied. I loved her, but as I noted in a previous post, I never left her salon with the same color. She would sometimes mix two to three colors to get what she ENVISIONED for my hair! I would take note of the brand and the color names! she mixed brands too! LOL!

I noticed that she would not use a shampoo for color on my hair to retain my hair color. The color would go right down the drain probably prompting here to apply color again, adding to my bill.

 After two salon visits, I took theory classes in cosmetology. I needed to know the principals behind taking care of my hair. I did not want to be a cosmetologist. I did find out there is a lot of beauticians taking short cuts when beautifying clients. I rather not put scalp and hair in their hands including mine! I went back to natural hair and embracing it! 

After Coloring your hair:

* Rinse color out of hair with cool water.
* Shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. It    has they have UV protectants and antioxidants to prevent fading.
* Hold heat! Heat contributes to color fading.
Here is a great article on color treated hair:

 Color Treated Shampoos

Karacare are great products for women of color! Their shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair are great for making your color last!

I always use a leave in conditioner. Cream of Nature is a good one!


 Until next time!



Ok July 26, 14 was my third big chop! I cut my locs and perm my hair after a few months. I thought the grass was greener on the other side. Why did I think that? It was the same as it was before I initially locked. The up keep was too demanding, too much time lost, no freedom and too damaging!
I`am looking to BrotherLock when I get 3" of new growth! I love locs. I combined a lot of my locks to the size of BrotherLocks.


I loved the size of my locs, but I do not wish to have more than 200 locs this time around. We will see how that works out when the time comes!


Sunday, July 27, 2014


My children always know when I`am going through a life crisis by what I do to my hair. As some of you know, I lost my mother ten months ago. That life crisis had me on the borderline of depression. Thanks to God and my husband, I`am back to my former self. 4/24/14 was her birthday. I cried a little, but realize she is in a better place. She will always be alive in my heart!

I really thought I was missing being relaxed. What my experience reinforced that I was potentially damaging my scalp. The first time a permanent color was placed on my head burned! I had not had permanent color on my hair for five years.

 My beautician relaxed my hair and I thought it was not so bad. When she told me to tell her when it starts to burn, I said this is wrong as hell! My head would be sore and tender. I realized I had sores on my scalp!

After that, I began spacing my visits from one month to every two months. Every time I would visit her for coloring, She would have a different color in my hair. I never walked out her salon with the same color! My cuts were fierce, but do I really want to go through all of that stress.

My independence was lost! I was afraid to swim, work out or get caught in the rain. The ritual I had to go through to get my hair looking decent, was ridiculous! I really grew tired of wasting my time getting "beautified!" After all, when I got up in the morning I never had the hairstyle from the salon!

I informed my husband that I was not happy with my hair and I was going to big chop and lock my hair by December. Well after watching Son of God and having a visit from "The Holy Spirit", I told my husband to get the clippers and cut my hair to the new growth!
My third Big Chop and final unless God has other plans for my life! I`am very satisfied and excited to start my lock journey as soon as I grow at least three inches of growth!

I have no problem what other women do with their hair, but I do get excited when I see women with natural hair especially those with locs! When it comes to my scalp and hair, I choose to keep them healthy and natural!