Wednesday, July 8, 2015


July 20th, will be my 8th month locked. So far I`am not as stressed as my first journey! Quite truly, I have been getting pretty tired of my gray hair. I have been getting the color bug! I have been contemplating coloring my hair! I truly want to wait until a year. I`am vacationing in Aruba in September. I do not want to place excess stress on my hair by coloring my hair then dipping it in salt water! When I get restless with my locs, I wear a wig. It`s getting too hot for that now! I rather not wear them!
I have been doing nothing to my hair! I wash it every three weeks! I spritz it with water every day! My loc routine is quite boring!
Here are some of my 8th month pictures!

They are transforming, but I don`t feel buds or see hair balls yet! My hair looks so unruly and wild! I can`t wait until this phase is over! Why did I cut my original locs off in the first place! My hair type does not like locking! It takes forever!
Post something soon!

Blessings to you!