Monday, February 1, 2016


I completed month two of my SisterLock journey! I went to my consultant for my one month follow up. I had enough growth for a re-ti. It took my consultant four hours to re tighten my hair. My consultant recommended that I come back to her in two months.

A month later, month two, I had enough hair growth for 1-2 rotations! One of my locks at the nap almost slipped out, so I decided to re-tighten it. Before I knew it, I had re-tighten back of my head! I really wanted my consultant to manage it for the first six months! I could not resist! After all, I`am a DIYer!
I plan to keep my appointment with my consultant at the end of February. It took me three damn days to re-ti my hair! I do not know about all of these locs! I`am getting to old for this, but I love my locs!

I changed up my hair flow! I tried the new Sisterlocks shampoo! Girls, it was horrible! My hair felt so stripped and dry! I reached for the Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo that I use to clean my makeup brushes! It is really nice! It actually placed moisture back in my hair. When my hair dried, it did not feel dried out! My scalp did not itch. Suave will be my new best friend until I`am locked. Then, I will go back to Taliah Waajid Total Body Black Earth Shampoo.


 I have no problems with hair growth. I could not resist the claims of Jamaican Black Castor Oil! I placed a cap full of JBCO in a small jar with five drops each of Tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils. I apply the oil only to the scalp with my finger tip! Castor oil is thick, so it stays where you place it!

Enough on my hair! Until Next Time! Stay Blessed!