Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My DreadLock Journey Comes To An End!!

I have been wrestling with the idea of taking down my locs. I decided not to re tighten. Then I thought about the maintenance of loose hair, so I re tightened them again. Tonight, I became aggravated with them. I decided to cut my ends, wet and condition my locs. The ends began to unravel. I took down one loc and I felt liberated! 

Friday, after work, I sat at my vanity and began taking down a few locs.  The hair in some locs were long and some were very short. As I looked in the mirror, I saw how many locs I had to take down. I took the scissors and began to cut my locs where the new growth end. In 30 minutes, my dreadlock journey was over!

It felt so good to run my fingers through my hair without any obstructions! I washed my hair with Carol's Daughter's TUI moisturizing sulfate free shampoo following with the TUI conditioner. It felt so good to massage my scalp as it tingled.

I placed some S curl stylin gel on my hair. I watched as it curled up. I placed a big grin on my face. My husband was in shock when he woke up. Then he said," honey why did you not let me cut it for you?" I said " I was afraid you would talk me out of it." He Stated, "Honey now I can see your beautiful face!" I told him, "After all, it only hair! It will grow."

I honestly don`t know what I will do with my hair. I will not be locking again. I miss the versatility of styling. I do plan to wear my hair natural and short for a while. 

I will always remember my dreadlock journey. It has taught   me humility, self-control, gentleness, patience and love! 
A new journey begins! 

Thanks everyone for your support! 


Neenz said...

Omg! I am so shocked. While I was debating with the ideas of whether I should lock DIY or go the sistelock route; it was your posts about interlocking methods and your videos that helped me to go the DIY route. I loved reading your posts as research and either way im glad you did have a loc journey because it most definitely inspired me. Good luck on the new journey!

RQueen said...

WOW! This has been going around for quite some time!
I hope you will enjoy the step of your natural hair journey.
As for my 2nd set of locks I plan to keep them for another 18 months at least. {That is "the Plan" for now}
Between age 45-50 I might do something different to my hair, but it depends on a few things....

Take Care~
P.S. I did remove the back row, and I plan to remove one or 2 more locks in the back, and I have combined many.

Kittylocks said...

Wow good for you I can't wait to see how you progress blessings x

Kittylocks said...

Ps you look so much younger as your face is really opened up x

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

GASP! WOW! Locked or loose you look great.

Cheleski aka KnottyAuthor Kicken The Truth said...

Wow, you look great. So courageous of you. And, i get it. :)

Afrolady said...

You look AMAZING!!!!!!

Bajan Lily said...

Oh you look lovely :)
Thanks for all your lock posts over the years and all the best for your future :)
Much love and fond memories,
Bajan Lily :)

Gabriel Kendrick said...

My mom went through the exact transformation as you! She wore her locs for just about the same time length as you. She eventually got tired of the maintenence of it so one day she sat in the living room and started to unravel them all. The very next day she went to a salon and came back with a short new do and has been free ever since. What you described in your blog is exactly how she feels when it came to her locs. She loved them, enjoyed the time spent with them, and ultimately let them go! I got to say you can learn a lot from hair lol!

Evie said...

Oh my goodness! Ok, I have to believe God led me to your blog and update! I had my Sisterlocks installed in November 2009. About 6 or 7 months ago, I cut my hair initially just to have a shorter style... then in December 2012 I was diagnosed with MS. After 2 bouts with breast cancer, I thought to myself... really? MS???

Then, I lost my job in January 2013 and I began to contemplate taking down my locks. It all just seemed to be too much! Well...a few weeks ago, I made the huge decision to move to Jacksonville, FL! (my son lives here)

I had managed to comb/pick out 90% of my locks, but I still have about 25 - 35 steadfast locks in the front and sides of my head.

After reading your blog, I am ready to just cut it all off and start over! For the past few weeks, I have done nothing with my hair because I'm not sure what to do... but now I am faced with a decision.

I have an interview on Tuesday and I can't show up with crazy/confused hair! LOL! 90% free and 10% locked? not a good look!

So... thank you for your blog! I am going to have a glass of wine, shampoo my hair and get ready to make that change.

Take care,

The Chick said...


You were my hero and my strength 3.5 years ago when I started my journey.

My identity isn't tied up in your hair, but I will miss your journey.

Stay blessed, happy and healthy!

The Chick

Joelle said...

As I start my loc journey I've used your videos as inspiration, but this is the thing I love about our hair, the versatility and the freedom to wear our hair in absolutely any way that we desire