Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Locs First Birthday!

Its my locs first birthday! I never thought I would ever be locked! I loves seeing dread heads including my son! I just needed non-traditional locs for a non-traditional woman. I saw small locs for the first time in my life, a year and two months ago. Maybe before that, I was not paying attention to locs. Living in a city, where locs are abundant, I `am not sure why I did not have a small locs sighting.

When I first locked, my co-workers could not believe their eyes! I never wore one particular hairstyle for more than two weeks. I have braided, flat twist, dyed, weaved, french rolled, finger waved, and everything else you can do to hair! One co-worker said " No! Not the Diva! " My co-workers made a bet that I would not last three months! Here I`am! Locked for one year!

There were times that I was not happy with my locs. I had slippage, unravelling, and bunching issues! I almost took my locs down twice. The last time, my family at lovinlocs came to my rescue! Thank God, I came to my senses. I would have been very disappointed sistah! My dreadlocks journey has humbled me. It has made me develop patience. In this instant gratification world, I have literally slowed down to smell the roses!

Even though I do not agree with the cult like practices of sisterlocks, I do have to give them credit for my decision to lock. If it were not for those small locks, I would probably still be addicted to the creamy white crack!

Truly love my locs! I would not trade my journey for my locs for nothing in the world!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I have been Tagged By New2Locs

I have been tagged by


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1. I love to watch Project Runway, Kimora, Life In The Fab Lane, and the HouseWives of Atlanta.

2. I have a shoe fetish! I own about 100 pairs of shoes and boots.

3. I love soca and reggae music, especially dancehall!

4. I dislike ignorant people who are judgemental, arrogant, and self-centered! JUST GET OVER YOUR SELVES, WHY DON`T YA!!!

5. I`am a vegetarian.

6. I`am an Aries. I`am down to earth, straight foward, and motivated.