Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello all! I`am back! Thirty four months locked! December 1 is my three year anniversary locked. I finally let my locs become what they are. No more stressing and fighting. I have accepted the unsealed curled ends and non-uniformed locs. I have stucked to a simple regiment. I shampoo every two to three weeks with Black Earth shampoo. I condition with avalon Keracare Humecto conditioner. I heard Avalon was an excellent conditioner. So I decided to try it. I tell you! As soon as that conditioner hit my locs, they felt like silk in my hands. My locs swell and became so moist! I love natural products, but I have to make an exception with this product. This one is a keeper! P.S. For those who have loose curl texture like me, leave in for one minute. Your ends may unravel!

Along with a conditioner, You should use a shampoo that paired with a conditioner. I`am going to purchase Keracare no sulfate shampoo. Thank you, Camille! ( Loc Doc from lovinlocs yahoo groups)

This summer I did a lot of swimming. To neutralize the chemicals, I used Mizani neutralizing shampoo, followed with KeraCare conditioner. I purchased Crinkles and Curl styling lotion to curl my locs. My curls last only a few days, but I had body until I shampooed my locs.
I notice as my locs get longer, the curls last less.

I purchased Jane Carter No sulfate shampoo with the conditioner. My hair felt dry after shampooing and the conditioner did not condition my hair well. It left a filmy residue. I never used it again. I continue to use her leave-in conditioner as I have used since day one of my baby loc stage. I love how soft it makes my locs without the oily feeling!

July 2010

Oct 2010

I still have not styled my locs much! I remembered when I was a new lock head that I said when my locs grow long, I will start styling. I will need you to refer me to websites to style locs. I have met a wonderful God fearing man who will become DH next Labor day weekend. I NEED STYLES THAT I CAN USE FOR MY WEDDING!

I will begin a wedding blog posting my journey towards wedlock. I have designed and created my own wedding invites, place cards, table numbers, save the date cards, etc.

Faith and obedience was my prize. All God wanted me to do is.. " Be still and know I`am God"!
Psalm 46:10 Keep love , hope, and faith alive!