Sunday, January 24, 2010

The International Motorcycle Show in NYC

I belong to a motorcycle ministry, called The Rapture Ready Ryderz. Our doctrine is to serve God, minister the word, and do good will for the disadvantage.
We ride together, fellowship together, and went to the International Motorcycle Show in NYC together!

Everyone except me, own their own bike. I `am a newbie. I started riding last June. I decide that I would purchase one this year after attending the show. All of the major bike manufacturers bring all of their bikes. You can mount the bikes to get an Idea of what works for you. I went to some dealerships and planted myself on the bikes I was interested in, but a lot of dealerships may sell one or two brands and not all. It`s hard to compare all the bikes at the same time. That is why going to a Motorcycle show is so great!

I love sports bikes, but I do not like the racing position. I narrowed down four bikes with 500 - 650cc. I`am a novice, so I would never buy a bike higher than 650cc. I will be 49 yr in April. I`am not looking for speed. I want a sporty looking commuter bike that is in a upright position, get me up hills without a struggle and is able to handle twisties, especially up route 9W!

The first manufacturer we checked out was Kawasaki. Kawasaki discontinued the Ninja 500, so my only choices was the Ninja 250 and the Ninja 650.The 250 was not an option. I practiced on an 800cc bike! I sat on the Ninja 650 and fell in love! Its narrow for a women`s frame, I was in a natural up-rite position with a comfortable reach to the handle bars. With 3" heels, my feet were planted firmly on the ground. Footless, only the balls of my feet touched the floor. I` am 5' 6". I still have to have the bike lowered or buy a pair of Icon 3" heeled Hella riding boots! Last but not least, the bike felt lite! I did not feel a struggle to keep the bike up with the kick stand up. Wet weight: 449 lbs. That`s important when you are coming to a stop.

Ninja 650R

Rickey Gadson and I

Rickey Gadson`s Monster

Kawasaki ER-6n

The next stop was Honda. My brother in Christ, Andre, was trying to get me on a Honda CBR600RR. He has to be crazy! That`s a super sports bike. I think he is trying to kill me! Yeah, he has one and is looking to purchase a Gold Wing touring bike!

Andre and the Gold Wing

Miguel and the Honda Shadow

Next stop is Yamaha! The Yamaha sports bike, FZ6R, was one of the bikes I had on my list. It`s a sick looking bike. I researched this bike. I liked that it had an adjustable seat and handle bar. It`s geared towards women and newbies like me. This was perfect! WRONG! When I mounted this bike, it was too wide and felt too heavy! I actually struggled to keep it up. This is funny, because it` s only 18 lbs more than the Ninja 650R. I believe the wideness of the bike is an issue for women, especially newbies! I really Love this bike. I have to test ride this and the 650R before I make my final

Yamaha FZ6R

I remember when I returned home from taking the MSF class, I felt I was run over by a mac truck! Trying to hold up and walk a 400+ lb bike is no joke. It`s easier to ride a bike than to ride a motorcycle. I have the slightest Idea why it`s a criteria for riding a motorcycle. The two do not compare! Learning to balance a 400+ bike is HELL in the beginning. Trying to keep it straight at very low speeds was a challenge! This is the gear that I purchased before I took the class.

The Suzuki GS500F was the next on my list. Again too wide and uncomfortable. The bike felt a little heavy, which is strange. This bike`s curb weight is 439 lbs. As I said earlier, I think since the bike is wide, the center of gravity seems off, but once a bike starts moving the weight is not so noticeable because it is balanced. The bike is kind of antiquated. No fuel injection and not liquid cooled. Carburetor? I don`t think so!

Elliot on the Suzuki VStrom

The International Motorcycle show even had a section for women riders, At the welcome desk, there was information about women motorcycle clubs and associations. They had gear just for women by Joe Rocket, Icon, Shift, and other brands. They let you try on various apparel and helmets.Then they give you a record of the brand, model, and size of the garment you tried on, so you can make a purchase at a store or online. This was awesome.

My sons think that I`am crazy and going through a mid-life crisis. I wanted to ride since I was a late teen. College and then children happened. My sons are grown now. It`s my turn to do what I want to do. Yes, riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous sport. So is bungee jumping, car racing, and rock climbing! If I allow everyone to scare me with stories, I will be too afraid to do anything. Yes, my odds of injury is greater than driving a car. No, I do not think I`am invincible! I wear my guardian Angel pin and prey to God to cover me and deliver me to and from my destination safely! When it`s my time to be with God, there is nothing I or anyone will do to prevent it. Prayer is first, safety is second. Enjoy life within reason. Life is not a rehearsal!

"Do not be afraid, Abram. I`am your shield, your very great reward." Genesis 15:1