Monday, April 27, 2009


Unfortunately I do not have "GOOD HAIR" for dreadlocks. The Ideal hair texture for locs are tightly coiled or grade 4 hair texture. My hair is in the grade 3 family. My hair is a loose curl texture. When my hair is wet, it becomes bone straight! DAMN!!! I had and still have bunching issues with a few locs that are not yet fully locked. I have to stretch out my locs, separate them and get under a cool dryer, so they will plump up and not tangle! I have stray hair that do not stay in the loc.

Instead of that tight coil at the tips, I have a loose Shirley Temple going on! How many times did I considered cutting my locs and giving up? Many! I considered starting all over with tst
(two strand twist) and maintain my re tightening by twisting. But to start all over, I don`t think I could stand another journey. Who says that I will not have other types of issues with that method! As I see it, it`s another type of method with the same type of hair!

When I first decided to get locs, I searched different websites and SisterLock blogs for the locs that I wanted. I fell in love with this woman`s locs. I took this picture to my consultant. I told her this is how I want my locs. Did I get her locs? Hell No! She has over 400 locs and I have 300 locs. She has tightly coiled hair, I have loosely coiled hair! I was so disappointed.

My locs will never look like hers or anyone else. My locs are a characteristic of my lineage. As I learn to accept who I`am, I have to accept that my locs are a representation of my family tree. I represent West Indian ( Barbados), East Indian ( India), American Indian ( Cherokee), Irish, and Africa. When I look at my reflection, I see many nationalities who make up who I`am. So, my hair is no different!

So when your hair begins to bunch, go to Dewdrops blog and learn how to fix them. If they are already locking, you can either take the loc down or wait until they loc and cut the bunched section off, as I had done. If you have over matted tips, you can either, pick out the matted tips and then braid or back comb and roll the tips. You can do what I did, allow the loc to lock and then cut the over matted portion off. The locs sealed nicely without over matting. If you have curly Q`s like mine, you can back comb the tips or braid the tips.

Bottom line! our hair represents who we are! Most people who embark on this journey, discover who they really are. Most of us have perpetrated a fraud by relaxing our hair trying look like someone we do not see in the mirror, but see on the telly and in our everyday life!

God accepts us for who we are! Why can`t we accept our selves?


Monday, April 20, 2009

48 years young!

Yeah! I`am 48 years old young! Saturday, April 18th, I celebrated my 48th birthday! I spent the day with my youngest son and my two nieces. I had an out pour of text, cards, and phone calls, but I decided to celebrate with the people who make me the happiest!

Yes, it`s my birthday, but decided to give back to my son and nieces. What makes them happy, makes me happy! I `am so blessed to have them in my life! My family meet with another family, and together we all had a blast!

We dined and then we all went to a place called Crazy City. There were rock climbing, go karts, mini golf, rides, and video games, all under one roof!

We did not arrive home until after 10pm. I was tired, but very happy! This was one of the best birthdays I had ever had!

" A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but a heartache crushes the spirit." Proverbs 15:13