Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nubian Locked Princess is Now The Nubian Bride

Hello all! As some of you may know, I`am getting married next year! I thought I was going to get a tummy tuck for my 50th birthday! Instead, God has blessed me with a God fearing man and a Future dear husband. Never thought this would happen to me. Me getting married at 50. I never knew he was coming. I believe my obedience has paid off. I have been blessed by God. He sent me an angel to take care of me. A lot has happened this year. I was in a motor vehicle accident in May. I was unable to walk. I had ruptured and torn ligaments in both knees. I had a deep wound laceration and a hair line fracture in my left knee. I was done! God sent this angel to me one month before my accident. He has been with me ever since.

Things happen for a reason. I never questioned God for what happened. I know the lord took care of me mentally, spiritually and financially. That is all I needed to know. I`am back to work and still healing! I`am in 3" heels now without knee pain. LOL!


Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello all! I`am back! Thirty four months locked! December 1 is my three year anniversary locked. I finally let my locs become what they are. No more stressing and fighting. I have accepted the unsealed curled ends and non-uniformed locs. I have stucked to a simple regiment. I shampoo every two to three weeks with Black Earth shampoo. I condition with avalon Keracare Humecto conditioner. I heard Avalon was an excellent conditioner. So I decided to try it. I tell you! As soon as that conditioner hit my locs, they felt like silk in my hands. My locs swell and became so moist! I love natural products, but I have to make an exception with this product. This one is a keeper! P.S. For those who have loose curl texture like me, leave in for one minute. Your ends may unravel!

Along with a conditioner, You should use a shampoo that paired with a conditioner. I`am going to purchase Keracare no sulfate shampoo. Thank you, Camille! ( Loc Doc from lovinlocs yahoo groups)

This summer I did a lot of swimming. To neutralize the chemicals, I used Mizani neutralizing shampoo, followed with KeraCare conditioner. I purchased Crinkles and Curl styling lotion to curl my locs. My curls last only a few days, but I had body until I shampooed my locs.
I notice as my locs get longer, the curls last less.

I purchased Jane Carter No sulfate shampoo with the conditioner. My hair felt dry after shampooing and the conditioner did not condition my hair well. It left a filmy residue. I never used it again. I continue to use her leave-in conditioner as I have used since day one of my baby loc stage. I love how soft it makes my locs without the oily feeling!

July 2010

Oct 2010

I still have not styled my locs much! I remembered when I was a new lock head that I said when my locs grow long, I will start styling. I will need you to refer me to websites to style locs. I have met a wonderful God fearing man who will become DH next Labor day weekend. I NEED STYLES THAT I CAN USE FOR MY WEDDING!

I will begin a wedding blog posting my journey towards wedlock. I have designed and created my own wedding invites, place cards, table numbers, save the date cards, etc.

Faith and obedience was my prize. All God wanted me to do is.. " Be still and know I`am God"!
Psalm 46:10 Keep love , hope, and faith alive!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Keenons Graduation

I know it is been a while since I posted. My life has been blessed and busy! I wanted to share this video so you can get an idea of how my locs are progressing.I `am currently writing a review of products that I have tried. I will be posting regularly very soon! MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU ALL!

This is clips from my youngest son`s graduation from high school! I `am spending it with my three sons and my niece. As you can see, my locs have matured and have grown. My middle son, Brandon has cut his locs short. I `am still trying to convince my youngest son Keenon, to transition from braids to locs. He is still against it. I`am still praying!

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him.
psalm 127:3

Monday, April 5, 2010

Locs and Motorcycles... Meet Ninja Girl!

Craigslist is not that bad. There, I found my girl! I decided to look on craigslist for bikes. I really did not want to spend full price for a first bike, but I did not want to get stuck with a hot mess!

As you know from my previous post, I went to the international motorcycle show in New York to narrow down my choices. The Yamaha FZ6R is fairly new. There was a very slim chance that I would find this bike used other than a dealership. I had a difficult time finding anything decent in the my tri state area from 2008 other than the 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250. It`s a beautiful bike, but I have a problem buying something that I will have to get rid of next spring because I would grow out of it as soon as I develop and feel more confident in my motorcycle skills.

I was browsing craigslist in South Jersey, when I stumbled on a listing: "2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650R-$4000" I almost had a fit! The bike was the same bike on my screen saver. It was red, it had sliders (sliders are knobs that protrude out from the side of a bike to prevent or minimize damage to your bike, Mainly the fairings, the plastic molding on sports bikes), and a fender eliminator.

I immediately responded to the ad. After two days of not getting a response from the seller, I sent another response and inquired about a 2009 Kawasaki ninja 250 for $ 3500. The Ninja 250 guy was prompt with his response. I wanted to hear from the Ninja 650 guy!

On the third day, I received an Email from the mike, the Ninja 650 owner! YES!!! I asked Mike why was he selling the bike. He said he needed a car. He told me he took long to call because he had a car trade offer that fell through! He also told me that he had a hard time finding the Ninja 650. He had to go to a Philly dealership to purchase this bike.With this said, Ninja Girl was a God Send.

Mike gave me the VIN #. We made arrangements to meet so my friend and I could inspect the bike! Andre, a brother in Christ had a bike trailer. Leland, my brother in Christ picked it up, hitched it to his car and we were on our way to Toms River, New jersey to check out the bike!

It rained like cats and dogs! That did not rain on my parade! When we finally got to the seller`s home, he had the garage door open and the Red Ninja Girl was winking at me! She was in mint condition! I mean brand new! Not a scratches! Everything chrome gleamed. The tires still had nubs on it. She only had 657 miles on her. After we inspected her and signed the title and filled out all the DMV papers, Leland and the seller, Mike, rolled Ninja Girl into the trailer and secured her. Mike threw in a magnetic tank bag, three quarts of synthetic oil, and a filter. He said Ninja Girl needs her oil changed! What a nice young man!

When I arrived home, Leland placed Ninja girl in my garage. I thanked him and he went home to have dinner with his lovely wife, Lisa. I did not want to touch her until I got insurance on her. That took 20 minutes! I could not ride her because she was not registered. That Thursday, I got her registered. That weekend, it rained. It was two weeks before I tried her out :-(

When the day came to ride her, I has nervous as heck! I had not rode since last August! My Ninja is a sports bike. The bike I rode was a cruiser. This is a different feel all together. My bike has an upright position, but the seat height is higher. My feet was not planted firmly on the ground. I had to buy a pair of Icon hella motorcycle boots. They have a 3" wedge heel which helps that problem. My legs are in the sports bike position instead of being forward as it is on a cruiser. I had to adjust to my foot position on my bike. It was very strange at first, but I adjusted. She rides well. The bike is very centered and balanced. She is very controlled and predictable. That is a plus for a newbie! She hugs the curves well too!
She will be suited well for her mission to help me spread Gods Word with other fellow Christian riders!

I`am completely happy with my Ninja girl! She is all what the Kawasaki engineers made her to be! I pray that she will be my friend for many years to come!

Trust God for deliverance from evil and temptation (Luke 11:4)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meet Zion

Zion is my three month old Bichon-poo. He is a cross between a Bichon frise and a toy poodle. Bichon-poos, Bichpoos, or Poochons are considered one of the popular designer dog breeds. I choose this breed because of it`s "hypo-allergenic" coat. The poodle coat grows continuously and shedding is almost non existing. They produce minimal dander, making this breed mix an excellent choice for people who suffer from allergies!

My first dog was a Toy Manchester Terrier. I loved manny! I was devastated when I had to find a new home because of my allergies to him. I had minimal response to him, when I first got him. As time went on, I had full blown symptoms: Watery itchy eyes, sneezing, and wheezing.

After a year, I was still yearning for Manny. I did my home work and settled on this breed. Poodles are very intelligent dogs and easy to train. Bichons have cheerful temperaments and love to please their human parents! I drove three and a half hours to meet my boy. The breeder released all the dogs from the Bichon-poo liter. All of his other siblings were all over the place. This puppy walked up to me. When I picked him up, he stretched out his paws on me and began to lick me. I know he was going home with me! I had no allergic reactions. No watery eyes, no sneezing!

I had him for one month. At three months old, my boy is wee wee pad trained and follows basic commands that I taught him: sit, come, and stay.

I love my Zion as I love jesus! His name means Land of Israel or Jerusalem. In the Rastafarian religion, Zion stands for place of unity, peace and freedom. I feel at peace when I`am with him!

"By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea we wept, when we remembered Zion." Psalm 137:1 KJV

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The International Motorcycle Show in NYC

I belong to a motorcycle ministry, called The Rapture Ready Ryderz. Our doctrine is to serve God, minister the word, and do good will for the disadvantage.
We ride together, fellowship together, and went to the International Motorcycle Show in NYC together!

Everyone except me, own their own bike. I `am a newbie. I started riding last June. I decide that I would purchase one this year after attending the show. All of the major bike manufacturers bring all of their bikes. You can mount the bikes to get an Idea of what works for you. I went to some dealerships and planted myself on the bikes I was interested in, but a lot of dealerships may sell one or two brands and not all. It`s hard to compare all the bikes at the same time. That is why going to a Motorcycle show is so great!

I love sports bikes, but I do not like the racing position. I narrowed down four bikes with 500 - 650cc. I`am a novice, so I would never buy a bike higher than 650cc. I will be 49 yr in April. I`am not looking for speed. I want a sporty looking commuter bike that is in a upright position, get me up hills without a struggle and is able to handle twisties, especially up route 9W!

The first manufacturer we checked out was Kawasaki. Kawasaki discontinued the Ninja 500, so my only choices was the Ninja 250 and the Ninja 650.The 250 was not an option. I practiced on an 800cc bike! I sat on the Ninja 650 and fell in love! Its narrow for a women`s frame, I was in a natural up-rite position with a comfortable reach to the handle bars. With 3" heels, my feet were planted firmly on the ground. Footless, only the balls of my feet touched the floor. I` am 5' 6". I still have to have the bike lowered or buy a pair of Icon 3" heeled Hella riding boots! Last but not least, the bike felt lite! I did not feel a struggle to keep the bike up with the kick stand up. Wet weight: 449 lbs. That`s important when you are coming to a stop.

Ninja 650R

Rickey Gadson and I

Rickey Gadson`s Monster

Kawasaki ER-6n

The next stop was Honda. My brother in Christ, Andre, was trying to get me on a Honda CBR600RR. He has to be crazy! That`s a super sports bike. I think he is trying to kill me! Yeah, he has one and is looking to purchase a Gold Wing touring bike!

Andre and the Gold Wing

Miguel and the Honda Shadow

Next stop is Yamaha! The Yamaha sports bike, FZ6R, was one of the bikes I had on my list. It`s a sick looking bike. I researched this bike. I liked that it had an adjustable seat and handle bar. It`s geared towards women and newbies like me. This was perfect! WRONG! When I mounted this bike, it was too wide and felt too heavy! I actually struggled to keep it up. This is funny, because it` s only 18 lbs more than the Ninja 650R. I believe the wideness of the bike is an issue for women, especially newbies! I really Love this bike. I have to test ride this and the 650R before I make my final

Yamaha FZ6R

I remember when I returned home from taking the MSF class, I felt I was run over by a mac truck! Trying to hold up and walk a 400+ lb bike is no joke. It`s easier to ride a bike than to ride a motorcycle. I have the slightest Idea why it`s a criteria for riding a motorcycle. The two do not compare! Learning to balance a 400+ bike is HELL in the beginning. Trying to keep it straight at very low speeds was a challenge! This is the gear that I purchased before I took the class.

The Suzuki GS500F was the next on my list. Again too wide and uncomfortable. The bike felt a little heavy, which is strange. This bike`s curb weight is 439 lbs. As I said earlier, I think since the bike is wide, the center of gravity seems off, but once a bike starts moving the weight is not so noticeable because it is balanced. The bike is kind of antiquated. No fuel injection and not liquid cooled. Carburetor? I don`t think so!

Elliot on the Suzuki VStrom

The International Motorcycle show even had a section for women riders, At the welcome desk, there was information about women motorcycle clubs and associations. They had gear just for women by Joe Rocket, Icon, Shift, and other brands. They let you try on various apparel and helmets.Then they give you a record of the brand, model, and size of the garment you tried on, so you can make a purchase at a store or online. This was awesome.

My sons think that I`am crazy and going through a mid-life crisis. I wanted to ride since I was a late teen. College and then children happened. My sons are grown now. It`s my turn to do what I want to do. Yes, riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous sport. So is bungee jumping, car racing, and rock climbing! If I allow everyone to scare me with stories, I will be too afraid to do anything. Yes, my odds of injury is greater than driving a car. No, I do not think I`am invincible! I wear my guardian Angel pin and prey to God to cover me and deliver me to and from my destination safely! When it`s my time to be with God, there is nothing I or anyone will do to prevent it. Prayer is first, safety is second. Enjoy life within reason. Life is not a rehearsal!

"Do not be afraid, Abram. I`am your shield, your very great reward." Genesis 15:1