Sunday, July 27, 2014


My children always know when I`am going through a life crisis by what I do to my hair. As some of you know, I lost my mother ten months ago. That life crisis had me on the borderline of depression. Thanks to God and my husband, I`am back to my former self. 4/24/14 was her birthday. I cried a little, but realize she is in a better place. She will always be alive in my heart!

I really thought I was missing being relaxed. What my experience reinforced that I was potentially damaging my scalp. The first time a permanent color was placed on my head burned! I had not had permanent color on my hair for five years.

 My beautician relaxed my hair and I thought it was not so bad. When she told me to tell her when it starts to burn, I said this is wrong as hell! My head would be sore and tender. I realized I had sores on my scalp!

After that, I began spacing my visits from one month to every two months. Every time I would visit her for coloring, She would have a different color in my hair. I never walked out her salon with the same color! My cuts were fierce, but do I really want to go through all of that stress.

My independence was lost! I was afraid to swim, work out or get caught in the rain. The ritual I had to go through to get my hair looking decent, was ridiculous! I really grew tired of wasting my time getting "beautified!" After all, when I got up in the morning I never had the hairstyle from the salon!

I informed my husband that I was not happy with my hair and I was going to big chop and lock my hair by December. Well after watching Son of God and having a visit from "The Holy Spirit", I told my husband to get the clippers and cut my hair to the new growth!
My third Big Chop and final unless God has other plans for my life! I`am very satisfied and excited to start my lock journey as soon as I grow at least three inches of growth!

I have no problem what other women do with their hair, but I do get excited when I see women with natural hair especially those with locs! When it comes to my scalp and hair, I choose to keep them healthy and natural!