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Happy Birthday Locs! You Are Two Years Old! myspace graphic comments
Happy Birthday Graphic Comments

December 1, 2009, marked my second year of locdom! Was it easy? No! Was it worth the time and aggravation? Yes! All I can say is that I`am locked for life!

My first year, I had major issues! I had mad slippage, unraveling, and bunching! There were days when I got the loc envy bug. I would visit SL lock blogs and admire the mature locs. I would get angry because mine was not long enough to style and not perfect. I would go into the mirror and critique each of my locs. When I found a loc that was not perfect, I would unravel it and restart it or cut the imperfect portion off. Four of my micro locs in the front of my head broke off at six months. I was devastated! That was my cue to combine all of my micro and small locs. I have one micro loc. It reminds me how small my micro locs were.

My locs in the back of my head were the first to loc. They were my gauge for the rest of my locs. They locked and sealed with minimal problems. Maybe they locked because I laid on them and roughen them up. Maybe the texture is different? I do know when I combined my locs, they locked faster than when they were tiny.

The locs on the top of my head gave me the most problems. I had major bunching and over matting tip issues. I don`t know how many times I took the locs down and restarted them. Bunching I discovered was a problem for my hair type when it begins to loc. So, I allowed it to do its thing and when they matured, I cut the bunched or over matted tips off and sealed the tips with a tiny bead of crazy glue.
Yes, Crazy glue! My consultant used it to prevent my locs from unraveling when she locked up 1 1/2" long hair. It worked! My glued tips looked naturally sealed.

I also got traditional loc envy at 22 months. I love traditional locs! They are so beautiful and cylindrical. I almost took my locs down and restarted then with two strand twist. What stopped me was two factors. The time and money I put in my locs . The second was my experiment: I took a lock down and palm rolled it with gel. The next day, my loc had unraveled :(

There was a point where I was going to pick my locs out and be done with it! My LovinLocs buddies and blog buddies, gave me lots of support! Now I want to encourage newbies that locking is not easy, but it is a truly enlightening and healing experience.

Don`t give up! think of the rewards that come with locs. There is a sisterhood and brotherhood of loc heads on the net that will help you over the hump! I never thought in a million years that I have a head full of dreadlocks! When I look in the mirror, I see the true me. When I come into the presence of perm heads, they look and stare because my natural presence demand respect! I`am not perpetrating a fraud. I`represent the true reflection of natural beauty.

I have grown to love and accept my locs with their curled ends and other imperfections. They are truly unique to me. I can go to the gym, swim, walk in the rain and best of all, be intimate without worrying whether my hair is going to revert to its natural state!

This is the first time in my life I have wash and wear hair. No hot combs. No electric rollers, No blow drying. No waiting long hours in the salon to get my hair did! I have no negatives even with the rocky start! I wish I had the mentality to loc much sooner! I would have saved myself lots of stress and pain!

"Listen to advice and accept instruction and in the end you will be wise" Proverbs 19:20

Sunday, November 1, 2009


As I mentioned in my last makeup post, I became addicted to make up when I was not happy with my rebellious locs. It was either take down my locs and be regretful or deter my mind to another part of my body! I wore make up in college, but when my sons were born, the only thing I had time for was lipstick and mascara!

Now a middle aged woman ( 48yr. 5mo) , I`am very conscience of my appearance and my health. I was before. Now I`am a fanatic. I suffer from no health aliments and I would like to keep it this way for as long as I could. So, three to four times a week, I attend Zumba, step aerobics, and Nautilus weight training to keep within my healthy BMI and in my beautiful clothes! In a menopausal woman, that can be a challenge!

Looking in the mirror, I inspected my face. Not a wrinkle or crow feet at the eyes! Oooh I love my oily skin and DNA! I do not like the dark spots from the pimples. The large pores and inflamed and redden spots on my cheeks. How do I get a uniformed color to my complexion and hide the little imperfections? MAKE UP!

Two weeks ago, I had to get some winter make up. Reading, I discovered that you have to change the color of your foundation to ascent the darker color of your skin, tanned in the summer by the sun. For my summer foundation, I had some Mac liquid foundation: NW45 from the day that I first went to Macy`s to get matched for foundation.

The sales associate looked at my face and said I needed NW45. When I got home to apply the make up, I realized it looked red and a shade too dark. I was so angry! But, I was more angry with myself! For 26 bucks, I knew that I should have placed the makeup on my jaw line for 10min then go out side and look at the color in the mirror! DON`T TAKE THE SALES ASSOCIATES WORD FOR IT. THEY ARE THERE TO SELL PRODUCT. PLACE THE COLOR ON YOUR JAW LINE. GO OUT SIDE IN THE LIGHT! If YOU CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN AND THE COLOR OF THE FOUNDATION. IT`S THE RIGHT COLOR! I went back to Macy`s two weeks later and purchased Mac select 15 FPS foundation:NC50. My correct color match.

Iman Earth 2 cream foundation

I also bought Iman`s second to none cream to powder foundation in Earth 2. It`s the equivalent to Mac`s NW45. I loved how it glided over my skin. It covered my flaws well and kept my skin moist. I felt like I had no make up on!

On that note, I went to Macy`s to purchase my winter foundation.Since I loved Iman`s cream foundation so much, I decided to try MAC`s Studio Tech foundation:NC50. LOVE IT! It glides on smoothly, covers well and keeps my skin moist all day! I purchased Iman`s cream foundation in Earth 1. MAC`s NC50 color equivalent.

MAC Studio Tech:NC50

Watching you tube, Coloured beauiful had a comparison of a mac finishing powder and a Revlon ColorStay mineral finshing powder. I loved the Revlon mineral powder in Suntan matte. It left a slight shimmer without looking shiny. I had a little glow going on. I normally use MAC `s select sheer powder in NC45 or Cover Girl professional loose powder in 125 translucent tawney. Revlon`s finishing powder is my number one.

Coloured Beautiful also reviewed Revlon ColorStay foundation. Since she never used Mac, she could not give a Mac comparison. So here is my review. Revlon Color Stay is inferior to MAC. It`s not even a close second. It glides on thin. It does not cover well. It`s very drying. I feel as if I was wearing a facial mask. It`s tolerable! MAC Select SPF 15 foundation (liquid) glides on smooth. Covers dark spots and inperfections without using a concealer. It keep the skin moisturized through out the day, So I forget I have it on.

MAC is the winner! You get what you pay for here! Iman is my second runner up! Revlon is a distant third.

MAC Studio Tech:NC45 and Revlon ColorStay: Caramel

What is your favorite cosmetics? Why does it work for you? Drop me a line!

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. Ecclesiastes 3:11

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Journey to Healthy Locs

I have received many E- mails of newbies disappointed about their newly locked hair or skills of their locktian. I can empathize with them because I too like others, have been down this road. As I have mention in a previous post, One`s hair is unique. You can see another beautiful locked head and fall in love with his or her locs. You decide to get locs like the person you saw in a picture or in the street, just to realize that your locs are not looking that way!

What most people do not realize is the type and texture of your hair determines the locking technique and the look of your locs!

Once you determine your hair type, you can research the different locking techniques and the textures that work best with it.

Do not hesitate to look at other peoples locs. Pay attention to the texture of the hair by observing their new growth at the hair line and around the loc.

Don`t forget to ask questions. If their texture mirrors yours, they may be able to share problems they had so you know what to expect during your journey!

Type 3


FIRST CLASSIFIER - Your curliness (or lack thereof)

The straight ones

1a - stick straight
1b -straight but with a slight body wave, just enough to add some volume, doesn't look wavy
1c - straight with body wave and one or two visible S-waves (e.g. nape of neck or temples)

The wavy ones

2a - loose, stretched out S-waves throughout the hair
2b - shorter, more distinct S-waves (similar to waves from braiding damp hair)
2c - distinct S-waves and the odd spiral curl forming here and there

The curly ones

3a - big, loose spiral curls
3b - bouncy ringlets
3c - tight corkscrews

The really curly ones

4a - tightly coiled S-curls
4b - tightly coiled hair bending in sharp angles (Z-pattern)

SECOND CLASSIFIER - What (most of) your individual strands look like

F - Fine Thin strands that sometimes are almost translucent when held up to the light. Shed strands can be hard to see even against a contrasting background. Similar to hair found on many people of Scandinavian descent. You can also try rolling a strand between your thumb and index finger. Fine hair is difficult to feel or it feels like an ultra-fine strand of silk

M - Medium Strands are neither fine nor coarse. Similar to hair found on many Caucasians. You can also try rolling a strand between your thumb and index finger. Medium hair feels like a cotton thread. You can feel it, but it isn't stiff or rough. It is neither fine or coarse.

C - Coarse Thick strands that where shed strands usually are easily identified against most backgrounds. Similar to hair found on many people of Asian or native American descent. You can also try rolling a strand between your thumb and index finger. Coarse hair feels hard and wiry. As you roll it back and forth, you may actually hear it.

THIRD CLASSIFIER - Your overall volume of hair Put your hair in a ponytail with as much hair as possible in it. Don't bother with the way it looks - the goal is to have most/all of your hair in there. If it means it sits smack dab on top of your head, put it there.

Measure the circumference of the ponytail. If you have bangs and/or you can't get all of your hair in there adjust according to how much of your hair you have measured.

i - thin (less than 2 inches/5 centimeters)
ii - normal (between 2-4 inches or 5-10 centimeters)
iii - thick (more than 4 inches/10 centimeters)


1. Free-form - Locs are started by washing your hair and leaving it alone to bud on its own.Once the hair develop buds, the buds are separated by hand.

2. Comb Coils - are made with a rattail comb on short hair (1"- 3")

3. Palm Rolling - With aleast 3" of natural hair, the hair is placed between the left and right palm and rolled. This method brings all the loose and stray hair together to form a cylindrical loc.


4. Two Strand Twist - You part two sections of hair, then cross each strand over the other .When you get to near the end, separate the two strands to three to braid to the end.

5.Braids - with this method, you can determine the size of your locs by the size of your braids. Apply loc gel and braid to the tip. You can either palm roll or interlock the new growth.

6. Interlocks - Is a technique where the hair is interlocked or intertwined into a pattern. The loc is interlocked 1" above the tip to the scalp. This is the method used by SisterLocks and NappyLocs.

THE METHODS ABOVE ARE BEST WITH LOOSE CURL TEXTURES. SL`s was TM for tight curled hair and works well with loose curl textures that may not loc well with comb coils or palm rolling.



1. PRE-LOCK ( BABY) STAGE: The loc is soft and in a loc pattern. The hair with in the coil or the pattern ( interlock and braid ) has not yet begun to intertwine or mesh. In this stage, interlocs look thin. They will expand and fill in!

2. SPROUTING AND BUDDING STAGE: You shampoo and your coils stay in tact! Your SL or interlocks do not slip anymore! Congrats! Your hair has began to lock! The hair begins to interlace and mesh. The loc begins to puff up and expand in size. Little bulbs or knots begin to form in the middle or at the ends of the locs. Hair balls of hair begin to hang off the ends on the loc. Do not remove! They will fall off on their own! The loc will look frizzy and unkempt. Avoid over manipulation at this phase. Let the hair do what it do!

3. LOCKING (TEENAGE) STAGE: So your baby locs look more like locs! The loc begins to shrink and firm up. The buds begin to expand throughout the length of the loc.

3. MATURATION STAGE: The loc has a tight rope-like appearance and firm to touch. The end of the loc has totally closed or sealed. In loose curl textures, a curl or wave may exist at the end of locs giving the appearance of open or unsealed ends.

I have these issues. My some of my ends would not seal at the tip.They would loc right above the curl. If I let the curl be, the hair would over mat around the curl leaving a large and ugly matted ball of hair at the end of my loc. I cut the curl under the locked portion of my loc. With time, that portion matted and sealed without over matting!

4. ATROPHY STAGE: Usually in 5-10 years, the loc may begin to thin and break at the ends. Small locks are more prone to atrophy because they are more fragile than larger locs. The locs at the hairline are more prone to this. The deterioration can be decreased by checking your locs for age. Trim ends as needed! Thinning and breakage at the ends is a part of the locs life cycle. Excessive dryness will accelerate this process!

Remember, as your ends get further from your scalp, it is dificult for sebum to get to the ends of your locs. It is important to keep your locs conditioned and moisturized! Think of a dry rot rope. If a rope looses its moisture, it will dry out and break!


There are skilled and not so skilled lockicians as there are skilled and not so skilled physicians. Would you allow a physician to treat you without researching his credentials or checking out his references? I would not!

After you decide what type and size locs you desire, begin researching natural hair salons. Ask questions about the products that they use to loc and shampoo your hair. Ask how long should you wait after your initial lock session to get your locs re-twisted or latched? Your locktian should have the skills to handle any complications you have with your locs. Most important, observe your locktican at work and speak to her clients and observe the look of their locs. Most of all, your visit to your salon should be pleasant and not cost you a arm and a leg! For any reason you become disappointed with your natural hair care provider, speak with him or her about your problem. If you don`t have any resolution, then find another loctician that will met your needs!

"During the entire period of his vow of separation no razor may be used on his head. he must be holy until the period of his separation to the Lord is over; he must let the hair of his head grow long" Numbers 6:5

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The 2009 West Indian American Day Carnival

I `am an Bajan-American. I was born in NYC to a American mother and a Bajan father. I have best of two worlds! My paternal grandmother kept my siblings and I culturally grounded. I remember as a child when I visited my aunt, uncles, and cousins, they played dominoes, danced to "fun music" (calypso) as I called it, and ate delicious food( fried flying fish) and chatted strangely (patois) .

My mother introduced her children to many ethnic cultures. Every Friday, in the summer, we would meet her at the job to have lunch. We would enjoy an international dish. She had friends from many cultures, so we would have play dates and enjoy other cultures customs and foods!

When I entered high school, I met and dated a Jamaican who took me to a West Indian club and introduced me to Dance hall.( My mother had already introduced me to Reggae) SOB`s and Club Caribe became one of my homes. I could let my hair down and dress the way I wanted to.

I could not deal with American clubs. Everyone was trying to out dress the other. The women would talk about other women if she came to a club to dresses too provocative. The men would profile and hold up the wall. If you were lucky, you might even get a free drink! That was rubbish to me! I was taught to work hard and play harder because life is too short! Any way, R&B did not move me like soca and reggae. The music is in my soul!

Brooklyn, NY, is a blend of all the West Indian cultures. You can get the food, the music and dreadlocks here! My baby never went to the parkway! He was submerged in the history, music, and food of Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad growing up. I thought the parkway was too much for him as a child. He will be 18 in two months and I thought it was time for him to experience Brooklyn`s carnival and J`Ouvert!

My Baby

My Baby and I

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Locs Do Not Like Condish!

My locs do not like conditioner, Everytime I use it, a few of my locs soften and unravel at the tips. I have three locs that are in the baby and teenage stage after 20 months! I use Black Earth conditioner. I dilute it in 8oz of water and I leave it on my locs for one minute. I use to condition every two weeks. I figured this is too much and I started using conditioner after a color, once a every six to eight weeks.

I discovered some comments on the internet and on youtube about Oyin Handmade products. Based on the good reviews, I decided to order some products: Frank Juice, Grand poo shampoo bar, and Shine and Define. I was not impressed. My locs did not soften with the Frank juice. I did not experience the softness everyone raved about! The smell was to be desired! Frank juice left my locs feeling tacky and sticky.

The grand poo shampoo bar did not do anything for my locs. It produced very little suds even after the second wash. My locs did not seem to absorb the water. I did not get the feeling of cleanliness with this product. I did not get that softening effect with the grandpoo that I received with Black Earth shampoo and Knotty Boy dread shampoo bar.After nil results with the Oyin shampoo bar, I grabbed the Rosemary mint shampoo bar by Chagrin valley This shampoo is all natural. it produced creamy suds, leaving my hair feeling clean and moisturized without stripping the color from my locs. I bought the sample size. I will be adding this product to my hair regime!

After I shampooed, I used some Zum oil on my locs. I found this great oil mix in the health food store. The fragrance of Frankincense and Myrrh was a big factor for my purchase. The scent was so sensual! I scanned the ingredients and I was so happy to discover that it had all the ingredients that I mixed with my raw shea butter to make my body butter. Zum oil leaves my hair soft and moisturized. I mix this with vegetable glycerin, tea tree oil, and peppermint oil.

Zum oil ingredients: Sweet almond oil, shea butter oil, meadowfoam oil, organic sunflower oil, avocado oil, fractionated coconut oil, hemp oil, essential oils, fragrance oil, vitamin E, and rosemary extract.

Oyin Shine and Define gentle styling serum is a winner! I applied this to my damp locs before I rolled my locs with soft spikes curlers. When my hair dried, I had some moisture rich and soft curls!

I decided to use conditioner sparingly and use natural vegetable and fruit oil.

Natural Moisturizers and Conditioners: SWEET ALMOND: Has excellent moisture retaining properties similar to sebum.It is an emollient. It is best known for softening and conditioning. It has vitamin E, essential fatty acids, zinc, copper and protein. APRICOT OIL is similar to sweet almond oil. it is more suitable for sensitive and premature aged skin.

AVOCADO OIL: Stimulates hair growth, softens and moisturizes It contains Vitamins A, D, E and potassium, sulfur, chlorine, fatty acids and amino is recommended to people with sensitive skin, problem skin, such as eczema and psoriasis.

COCONUT OIL: Moisturizes and conditions.

JOJOBA OIL: Is similar to sebum and is a liquid wax not an oil. It contains amino acids, silica, B complex, Vitamin E, chromium, iodine, copper and zinc.

HEMP SEED OIL: Has anti-inflammatory, healing, regenerative and anti-aging properties.It is an emoillent and a moisturizer.

SHEA OIL: Is a light oil. It protects, moisturizes and soften hair and skin. Raw SHEA BUTTER is known for its healing properties. It stimulates cellular activity, fights aging nd repairs rough dry skin.

MEADOW FOAM OIL: Moisturizes, and rejuvinates skin and hair.

REMEMBER! When locs are healthy and clean, they will exhibit a beautiful luster and sheen! Locs will not shine when we were permed or wore our hair loose! Your locs will absorb oils that they need.Applying large amounts of oils will only attract dirt and lint! When caring for your locs, less is always best!

As a former product junkie, it was hard not to try out different products. What keep me from products is I fear buildup in my locs! Twenty months locked and I have never had a lint issue!


"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Apollo` s Memorial For Michael Jackson.

I live in the suburbs of NYC and if you want certain things, you have to drive to the city to get it! I had a quarter size of my shea butter mixture left. I have not used commercial lotion on my skin since I made a decision to lock my hair. After discovering the ingredients used to make hair and skin products, I decided to make my own body butters and purchase my shampoos and conditioners from the health food store or from my fellow locked sistahs that make natural hair products.

It was my turn to chaperoned my son and his girl friend. I needed raw African Shea butter to make my body butter. The best place to get it is in Harlem, at 125th st! My friend and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and visit Michael Jackson`s Memorial in front of the famous Apollo theater!

There were vendors selling Michael Jackson t-shirts, CD`s, buttons, and pictures. There was a makeshift memorial, as well as a signatures filled fence with pens available so you can write a thought.

What attracted me to this wall was this image that a fan had added to this wall. This was from the smooth criminal video. One of my favorite videos!

This image appears large, but as you can see from the photo below, it was quite small!

My youngest son

My son and his girl friend

We all had a great time! We bought a few t-shirts and buttons. I saw some friends and ex- co workers. ( I worked in The Harlem community for 13 years! ) I bought a large tub of raw African Shea butter and Nubian Heritage mango butter soap with Shea and cocoa butters. These soaps are great! I purchased this for $3. If you purchase two, it`s $5. The Nubian Heritage products are all natural.

MJ, you will be missed!

Monday, June 29, 2009


I was driving, listening to Michael Baisden, on 98.7 Kiss, when they had received news that Michael Jackson had suffered a massive heart attack. By then, everyone was scrambling to get confirmation that he had passed away. I was in shock! I prayed at that point, that he would be alright.

Thirty minutes later, It was official! Michael Jackson was gone! Immediately, my son, and mother had called to inform me of the news. I received text messages from friends. I felt as if I had lost my brother all over again. I felt so empty and helpless. When I arrived home to confirm the news for myself, I turned on the news and went on the net. Sadly, he was gone forever. But his music and my memories for him live on.

For my 14th birthday, my mom surprised me with three front seat tickets to Radio City Music Hall to see the Jackson Five. My mother` s friend was a tailor at Bloomingdale's. He had made me a pink tuxedo as a birthday gift like the one the Jackson five have in the picture below.

Like other young girls, I was crazy in love with first African American teen idols of my time. Mike and his brothers were one of the fore fathers of music that would cross racial boundaries and truly make their music a universal language! Michael had humanly touched the world. He paved the way for other entertainers . As quiet as it is kept, he has helped more people than any other entertainer!

Michael had issues like any other person. Unfortunately, when it comes to our people, the media never fails to emphasize the negative points.

Michael is the King of Pop. No one will ever replace him. He is our Elvis and the Jackson Five is our Beetles. I will always remember the effect his music has on me and the rest of mankind!

Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Loc Up Do

I`am getting very bored with my locs. When I was creamy crack addict and became bored or unhappy with my hair, You better watch out! No one knew how I was going to look when I came to work the next day. If I saw a fly hair style in a book, I found a stylist that could give me that look.

One day at a new job, I saw a woman with a fierce short hair cut. I told the woman, she had a beautiful hair style and in the same breath, I asked her, who did her hair? She gave me Virginia`s card and that Saturday, I went from hair that surpassed my bra to a Halley Berry short cut. I wore my hair short for three years. When I wanted long hair, I would add hair. That was not the same as having naturally long hair, so I began to grow it back. That's when my problems began and one of the reasons why I` am locked!

In the past weeks, I have been having traditional loc envy. I really love the smoothness and cylindrical look of traditional locs. I hate the idea of keeping the interlocking pattern of my locs. Every one who I saw who had Sisterlocks had not lost their pattern unless they had a very kinky hair type. I latched by son`s traditional locs. He has a tightly coiled texture. After six months, I could tell the difference between the palm roll technique and the interlocking technique. (2pt rotation) I really did not like the look. So I will resume palm rolling his hair. As for me I`am tittering on whether I`am going to take down my SL and begin a new loc journey with palm rolling in December.

I began to re-ti my hair using the 3pt rotation, because it is a loose pattern compared to pt4 and it is suppose to yield a loc that has more volume. I`am noticing that the 3pt re-ti looks more like locs compared to the 4pt re-ti, at the ends of my locs. I presume that the shedded hair can settle naturally, without being choked up in the loc.

A friend of mine suggested that I take two locs and begin palm rolling them together. If I like the results, I could combine the rest of my locs and begin my new loc journey with palm rolling. I thought that was a great idea. So, as soon as I get some new growth, I will begin palm rolling and posting my results!

To prevent me from doing something, stupid like taking down my locs, I had to color my hair with Natural instincts:20B, Cinnamon Stick ( medium warm brown) and Kumina`s Gray Magic.

After, I dried my hair under a cool dryer, I began to experiment a little. My locs have different lengths so I`am still limited in what I can do to style my locs. I began playing with the locs in the back and this is what I came up with.

I spritzed the rest of my locs with water, then I rolled them with soft spikes. This is the end result!

Well, I accomplished my first loc style! Maybe that will give me some incentive to discover new loc styles. I want long locs, but I need to work with what I have. People with long locs had to begin from some where too! After all, I have to do my time too!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OMG!! Where is my Nappy Lock Tool? On Memorial day, I was lounging on my chaise tightening my locs. BF was in the garage securing the steps leading into the house. Before he starts any project, he has to get my seal of approval or else he will be sent home with his tail between his legs! LOL! He calls me for the seal of approval ,which is blissfully granted! I attempt to continue my re-ti. I can not find my tool! I look under the chaise, under the cushion, on the fireplace mantle. I run up stairs to the bedroom. I look on the dresser, on the night stand, and on the vanity in my bathroom. No tool!

I always misplace my tool and then find it in a few days. I usually have my plastic yarn needles as a back up! I looked in the vanity drawer and no more yarn needles! At this point, I`am crazy! The next day after work, I go to walmart to purchase some plastic yarn needles. They had none! By now, I `am desperate! so, I go down the road to Michael`s. I hate shopping at Michael`s. They are too darn expensive! I only go to michaels when they have a fierce sale on beads.

I go into michael`s to find the yarn needles. They have two in the pack for $ 1.49. That`s crazy! I usually get four needles at walmart for the same price! Well like I said before, I `am desperate!

I go home and begin to make my loc tool. I like these needles!The eye is very pliable. Usually, when I buy Walmart needles, I break at least one before I get one made. I did a re-ti! Now I`am very happy! I made a video for you who lost your Nappy Loc tool. Don`t get me wrong, I love my NL tool, and I will purchase another one! For now, this works very well for me. Any way, it is an inexpensive alternate and it`s readily available!

Friday, May 29, 2009


I have been given the Kreative Blogger Award by Kumina and Nubian1

My lock buddy Kumina graciouly gave me the award last week, but I had a busy week and did not have the time to blog. I` am so sorry, Kumina! Please forgive me! These are for you!

Kumina and I started out loc journey a month a part! We bonded on Lovinlocs and sisterlock_ look_ for_ less. Even though she is braidlocked and I `am SisterLocked, we have similar hair textures and had similar loc issues. Because of her and my lovinlocs family, I `am still locked!

Nubian1 has a great blog! She is very creative! She even had a creative way to display her seven loves, which I truly love and borrowed . Thank you, Nubian1. This is for you!

I had to edit my post because I just discovered that Phe-Phi had presented me with the Kreativ Blogger Award too! I`am one that gives credit where it is due! Phe is two months locked via braidlocs! She love to read and write short stories! Please check out her blog!

Phe-Phi, these are for you!


Now the recipient of this award has to share seven loves and give seven blogger this award! They too, have to share seven loves and give seven awards!


1. My GOD!

With God, all things are possible!

2. My sons

Thats my nephew with thr white cap!
My sons are the God sends of my life!

3. My parents

They are the loves of my life!

4. My Locs

My locs are 18 months old! I can finally wash and go!
Who knew they would help make my life so easy!

5. My Shoes!

I have a shoe fetish! I`am obsession for shoes!
I have over 50 pairs.


Thats my co-worker with the OR hat on. My best friend is to the right. She keeps me grounded when I` am out of line! She is as close as I can get to a big sister! She is my spiritual adviser, my psychologist, shopping spree partner!

7. The Gift Of Life!

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

Every day that I wake up, I praise and thank my the love of my life, my provider, my healer and my friend. He had made all of my loves 1-6 possible! Without life, I`am unable to enjoy the people, the things, nature, and reasons he created it.

Psalm 150

Praise the Lord

Praise God in his sanctuary

praise him in his mighty heavens.

Praise him for his acts of power,

praise him for his surpassing greatness.

Praise him with the sounding of the trumpets,

praise him with tambourine and dancing,

praise him with the strings and flute,

praise him with the clash of cymbals.

Let everything that breath praise the Lord.

Praise the Lord.