Saturday, June 30, 2012

Four and a half years strong!

Four and a half years strong!

It was four and half years since I  had my Sisterlocks installed. My locs were my rite to passage. I went from permed, unhealthy hair to embracing my natural hair, Stripping the Caucasian definition of beauty.

I discovered how beautiful my hair really was contrary to popular belief of American beauty. During my transition from big chop to locs, I realized how brain washed African American culture was. Men would not speak to me when my hair was short. Women would say, " Why did you cut your hair? You have GOOD HAIR"
 When I was baby locked, I wore a wig to a job interview. That day were a lot of compliments. I felt good, but I was living a lie. The wig came off and never resurfaced! 

GOOD HAIR? I found out GOOD HAIR does not lock well. It took 18 month to fully lock.  My hair is wavy. Its gets bone straight when its wet. It was prone to slippage and bunching. My locs would not seal at the tips. They would lock almost to the end and form a curly Q. I was constantly re tightening, taking locs down, re locking into pattern and cutting tips. I finally had enough! I let them do want they wanted to do! I began to wash and re tightened every 4-6 weeks. My locs are happy and I was not stressed anymore!

I remember when I said when they get long, I will style them. I do nothing! Once in a blue moon I do a braid out. It takes 20-30 minutes to braid and over an hour to curl onto rods or soft spikes. It`s easier to do a pony tail or leave it free. I `am becoming bored. I envisioned cutting them off and going Hailey Berry! That would require a perm and enslavement to a hair dresser, so that idea passed very quickly!


 Any how, If I did that, I could not have walks in the rain without an umbrella, enjoy sex with my husband or attend the gym without worrying if my hair is going to sweat out! Natural Chicks really have more fun! Any way, I love watching a perm chick eying my long beautiful natural hair from the corner of my eye! PRICELESS!!! 

 I have been re tightening my hair for 4yr and 5months. I saved so much money! I have settled in my own regiment. I have noticed in my smaller locs have started to atrophy at the ends. Three locs had thinned in the middle. My larger locs are OK. Since I color my hair with a semi permanent color, I have to condition my hair. Some of my locs began to unravel at the ends. I cut to where the unraveling stopped. I placed a pin drop of bonding glue in side the tip of the loc and squeezed the ends together. No more unraveling.

I use minimal product.I use Black earth Products. Since my hair is long, I find myself using more product on my locs. I do dilute my shampoo and conditioner in a spray bottle. I do want to try Carol`s Daughter Sulfate free shampoo. I find sulfate free shampoo to be dying to my locs. Does anyone know if they sell samples? I do not want to waste my money.


I think I rambled on  enough! All is well! Allowing God to work in you life is a blessing!


rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) said...

Looking good. I swear we are twins. Lol! I believe I have the same texture. I'm 4.5 yrs too. My locs took seems like 2-3 years to lock. My ends are fat when I cut them they unravel abit. It's frustrating sometimes. I too think of cutting them and wearing a really shot curly style. I don't know locs are so convenient...I need to update my blog and show my length. :)

Queenlocks said...

Greetings! {stranger}
Your locks look nice, very Nice! :)
I am also past the 4 1/2 year mark.
I'm a few months away from year 5.
I hope all is well with you!
Take Care~


Kittylocks said...

Its lovely to see that you are back. I have also had thoughts of cuting my locks and some thining, I just let it do what it wants. Your locks look absolutely great as usual x

nubianepiphany said...

Happy to see you again, after such a long absence! Your locs are looking more beautiful than ever. I'm at year two, after the big chop, and growth has been slow this time around. I cut off my first set of locs about 2yrs ago (started them w/product), and not sure if it's age, medication, stress or all three, but they are coming BACK...slowly, but surely. I really need to get my act together and start my own blog! LOL

dewdrop said...

NLP!! It's so good to know how you're doing, and your locs look amazing. The comment "I remember when I said when they get long, I will style them. I do nothing!"....I totally understand because I am right there with you, lol!

ajd'smom said...

Your locs look wonderful. I used to watch your YouTube vids and wondered where you were and how you locs were doing. Those videos were very instrumental in my decision to break free of the salon madness and do my own. Thanks soooooo much!