Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Apollo` s Memorial For Michael Jackson.

I live in the suburbs of NYC and if you want certain things, you have to drive to the city to get it! I had a quarter size of my shea butter mixture left. I have not used commercial lotion on my skin since I made a decision to lock my hair. After discovering the ingredients used to make hair and skin products, I decided to make my own body butters and purchase my shampoos and conditioners from the health food store or from my fellow locked sistahs that make natural hair products.

It was my turn to chaperoned my son and his girl friend. I needed raw African Shea butter to make my body butter. The best place to get it is in Harlem, at 125th st! My friend and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and visit Michael Jackson`s Memorial in front of the famous Apollo theater!

There were vendors selling Michael Jackson t-shirts, CD`s, buttons, and pictures. There was a makeshift memorial, as well as a signatures filled fence with pens available so you can write a thought.

What attracted me to this wall was this image that a fan had added to this wall. This was from the smooth criminal video. One of my favorite videos!

This image appears large, but as you can see from the photo below, it was quite small!

My youngest son

My son and his girl friend

We all had a great time! We bought a few t-shirts and buttons. I saw some friends and ex- co workers. ( I worked in The Harlem community for 13 years! ) I bought a large tub of raw African Shea butter and Nubian Heritage mango butter soap with Shea and cocoa butters. These soaps are great! I purchased this for $3. If you purchase two, it`s $5. The Nubian Heritage products are all natural.

MJ, you will be missed!