Saturday, February 2, 2013


 Five years two month locked, I`am loosing my love for my locs! Five years ago, I was transitioning into myself. God was working with me. Through my locs, he has taught me to love my self. As a result I learned to love others. My locs have taught me humility, self control, and gentleness. I have experienced joy and I have inner peace! Those are all the fruit of the spirit. Galatians 5:22-23.

 Besides shampoo, conditioner, natural oil and a demi-permanent hair color,My locs are healthy.

 My husband loves my locs, but it is not enough to keep them. I `am still on the fence, but I still have a strong urge to cut them off!

 I blame Rihanna! I was on the net when I saw her with this cut. It reminded me when I use to wear my hair short. I loved it! I `am so obsessed with this style, I printed it and placed it on my mirror.


 I`am transitioning from locked to unlocked hair. I cut my locs to my shoulders. I will not re tightening my hair. I plan on picking the top of my locs out. By April, for my 52nd birthday, plan to let the locs go.

Trimmed Locs


New Growth

Cut Locs

Stay tuned!

 God Bless! 


anthia-ofo said...

Interesting development. Maybe it's simply time for you to move onto the next phase. My locs are 5yrs too. I did toy with the idea of cutting last year, but decided to let them be. Good luck with whatever you decide

Kumina said...

Nubian! I've missed you!!!! You're letting the locs go also? My daughter cut hers off after 4 years and I have a cousin that just cut his 3 yr locs off. I felt the same way, like my hair was too long for my age, so I wore it up all the time. I was looking at your pictures, so much growth and even though you cut it to your shoulders, it's still long and beautiful! I know your transition will be a beautiful one and I can't wait to see the outcome. God Bless you, sis!

ajd'smom said...

I can't imagine working on my locks for that long and then cutting them off. I do get the process of God's plan, it takes amazing turns and all the while the journey gets better and better. I am sure you will love the new "do".

Kittylocks said...

Your locs look great I cant wait to see you in your chic short hair do x

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Thanks very much everyone! I have change my mind. I will sporting my locs for a little while.