Sunday, December 1, 2013


My Life has been upside down the past three months. I lost my mother on Labor day, September 2, 2013. Two days before my wedding anniversary. My mother passed away while she took a midday nap. Her friend had checked on her at 12 noon. Mom was cooking a dish for a back to school block party. When her friend arrive to get her four hours later, she was lying on the sofa with the remote in her hand and the TV on. When her friend tried to wake her, she discover she had left this world!

I will never forget that Phone call from my sister. I never imagined the pain that I would feel. I did not get to my mothers apartment in time to say good bye. The medical examiners picked up her body in record time. I wanted to make sure she did not suffer, so I asked my nephew to take a picture of her. When I got the picture, I knew God had her! She looked like she was peacefully resting. 

My mother was my best friend, my psychologist, my teacher and my everything! After many years of witnessing to her, she told me one night she thought she was going to die.The Lord came to her and held her all nite. I began receiving inspirational text and E-mail! unknowingly my prayers came true! She had accepted The Lord Jesus Christ as her savior!

As my mothers natural hair journey ends, so does mine. The day after her death, I asked my mom why did she not visit me before she left. As I was writing her eulogy, I began to cry. I heard her tell me her story.

" Don`t cry for me. I`am free! I felt like a trapped bird in a cage on Earth. I lived my life and suffered the consequences for some paths taken. Now I`am soaring free like a dove on the right hand of God. Please do not cry. I`am free"

Six weeks ago, I began talking down my locs. I felt a load lifted off of me! Four weeks ago, I went into the salon and came out with a short, colored and RELAXED doo! I LOVE IT! 
I`am taking cosmetologist classes because I want to be knowledgeable with taking care of my own hair. From what I learned in my books, there are many cosmetologist taking short cuts, mine included! 



 I loved my locs for the time they were here! They taught me to love myself and they taught me lots of humility. They also taught me how to care for my own hair and pay close attention to how cosmetologist care for my hair!

I`am not finished! I`am beginning a new chapter!




Kreyola said...

I'm truly sorry for your lost. I can't imagine losing a mother. Blessing to you and your family. Good luck and may you have a blast on your new journey.

Mary HARDY said...

I am so sorry to read about the lost of your Mother. No words can express my sorrow, but be assured she is watching and cheering you on in life. God has her. RIH

luvlockd said...

im very sorry to hear about the passing of your mother. i pray that you were able to find peace in her acceptance of Jesus Christ before she made her transition.

im also very proud of the way you have continued to grow and own your own transformation, even beyond the Sisterlocks journey. i wish you well my sister. make 2014 your year!!

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

wow what a story! i love your hunger to learn and grow and your lack of fear to reinvent yourself. BTW are you still a nurse? Cosmetology school and FT? Interested!

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

God has this. Thanks for sharing and chugs to you sis.

Clarinda said...

I imagine that it is extremely difficult to deal with the loss of your mother, but I hope you find peace in knowing that she received salvation before she left this physical world. As for your hair, I think it's beautiful, it definitely fits your face beautifully. I love the color and you are rocking it well. So in the words of an old school rapper by the name The Lady of Rage, Rock on with your bad self.

Kittylocks said...

Please accept my condolences on the passing of your Mother whose suffering is now over. As she continues to watch over you with your new look which As usual is absolutely stunning. X