Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Events Leading To My DreadLock Journey

2005 was a turbulent year. There were many factors that had led to my decision to lock. Before then, going natural was not a thought in my mind! I was happily addicted to the white creamy crack! Little did I know that 2005 would dictate my dreadlock journey!

My woes began when my employer hired a new associate director with no experience in the area that I managed. I`am known as a people`s person. i can work with the most difficult personalities, but this woman made "The Devil Who Wore Prada", look like an angel!

Aside from the woman Lucifer, April 2005, a motorist ran a red light. he hit my suv on the passenger side, causing the truck to spin in a complete circle before stopping facing opposite trafic. Minutes before, I dropped my son at the train station. Thank God, the moterist and I were not hurt. His front end was totalled. My truck had cosmetic and alignment issues. I was able to drive my truck to the garage and go to work.

In July, my dreadlocked son decided he needed to take time off from college and enlist into the Navy. I tell you, I almost had a heart attack! Thank God he had six months to dwell on his decision. The breaking point was when I gave him a party in his honor on Thanksgiving day. After that day, he was singing a different tune! His sleeze ball recruiter told him he could not back out. My smart dreadlocked son found a clause on the web. He is back in school!

Late August, my youngest son and I, planned to spend the weekend at the New Jersey shore. When I arrived home, he was in the bed with a sheet over him. ( He would always pretend to be sleeping when I arrived home) He told me he had fell off his bike and landed on his knee! When I pulled the sheets back, his knee was three times it`s size! I knew something was broken. His dreadlocked brother placed him on his back and we went to the emergency room. I was through! I had just left work from a hospital to visit another hospital featuring my youngest son! Well, he had a tibial spine fracture that slightly missed his growth plate! Again, thank God! He spent two months in a cast. he missed only two days of school. The school district provided him with car service for two months!

By December, I was stressed, destraught , and depressed! This was the worst year that I had experienced in a long time. I do not recall separating from my sons father being this bad! I believe that GOD was preparing me for GOOD WORK!

When I was stressed, I would drive the long way home to destress. I would pass this church. I was looking for a church home. I knew I needed to give back to GOD for what he gave to me, but GOD was not my priority yet.
One friday, I took the long way home. As I passed this church, it seem to be calling me! The next day, I googled the chruch for the address and stumbled on their web site. I listened to a sermon that was posted on the site. I attended the church that Sunday!

The rest is history! On December 25, 2005, I gave my life to Jesus. I have not looked back!


Kittylocks said...

This is truly inspirational.

cheleski said...

POWERFUL girl. I definitely equate my journey to a higher awareness as well. I feel to understand God begins with me understanding whom he made me to be and from there I grow. If I reject his creation in me, I cant advance. bless!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Cheleski! I could not have said that any better!