Monday, June 29, 2009


I was driving, listening to Michael Baisden, on 98.7 Kiss, when they had received news that Michael Jackson had suffered a massive heart attack. By then, everyone was scrambling to get confirmation that he had passed away. I was in shock! I prayed at that point, that he would be alright.

Thirty minutes later, It was official! Michael Jackson was gone! Immediately, my son, and mother had called to inform me of the news. I received text messages from friends. I felt as if I had lost my brother all over again. I felt so empty and helpless. When I arrived home to confirm the news for myself, I turned on the news and went on the net. Sadly, he was gone forever. But his music and my memories for him live on.

For my 14th birthday, my mom surprised me with three front seat tickets to Radio City Music Hall to see the Jackson Five. My mother` s friend was a tailor at Bloomingdale's. He had made me a pink tuxedo as a birthday gift like the one the Jackson five have in the picture below.

Like other young girls, I was crazy in love with first African American teen idols of my time. Mike and his brothers were one of the fore fathers of music that would cross racial boundaries and truly make their music a universal language! Michael had humanly touched the world. He paved the way for other entertainers . As quiet as it is kept, he has helped more people than any other entertainer!

Michael had issues like any other person. Unfortunately, when it comes to our people, the media never fails to emphasize the negative points.

Michael is the King of Pop. No one will ever replace him. He is our Elvis and the Jackson Five is our Beetles. I will always remember the effect his music has on me and the rest of mankind!

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Lady Kinnks said...

I love this video!!! I even remember the first time watching it. The video premier was a BIG deal! MJ will truly be missed!