Monday, March 16, 2009

Designer Bag Addict!

I Love shoes and designer handbags! My favorite are Coach, Louis Vuitton, and Dooney and Bourke. I like Gucci, but their bags are not made well. Twenty three years ago, when I received my first pay check as a nurse, I went straight to Bloomingdale's to buy a Gucci. Matter of fact, I bought two. One tote bag and one drawstring (which I still have today). The tote bag`s snap, incised its self right through the bag! I had a perfect circle where the snap use to be!

Two years ago, I went to Gucci . I purchased a black signature bag. Three months later the handle separated from the metal hardware that bridged the bag to the leather cord-like strap.I had a fit! I drove right to Gucci and handed over the bag. It was under warranty and they repaired it and sent it to me. Who wants to buy a bag that you have to repair? When you spend over $ 300 for a bag, It should last a life time!

I have a Louie that is 23 years old. That bag aged gracefully! You can`t tell it is that old! I love the old Dooneys. That pebbled weatherproof leather ages so well! I do not wear them often because the bag is heavy by itself!

The new Dooneys are too childish! Seems like Dooney had lost its quality and sophistication to bag the younger women. I did manage to buy one that I liked! It was the right price! Did you know every so often, TJ ma xx and Marshall`s purchase Coach and Dooney? Yes they may be from past season, but who cares!

I`am a Coach freak! I`am sorry to tell you, Coach has some issues! They seem to be cranking out different bags every three months! I will go to the website, I may see a bag and put it on my wish list. Three months later, It is unavailable!

Last Friday, I visited a premium outlet, 25 minutes from my home. Since I moved to my town 9 years ago, I only visited the outlet less than five times. I`am a bargain hunter! I will not spend full price for anything if I do not have to! Folks come to this outlet and think they are getting a deal! Looking at some of the prices, I shake my head and move on

This day, I hit the jackpot! I went to the Coach outlet. I bought, two bags, one change purse, one umbrella, and a ponytail tie for $311! Yes I said it! $311!!! That was a bargain. I treat myself twice a year! When I get my income tax return and on my birthday! Last year I did not treat myself. There were too many things that were more important! This year, I had the privilege of a shopping spree that saved me some money!

I want this Louie, but I cannot justify spending $800 for this bag! I read and heard on the news that the money that we spend on a fake Louie goes to terrorist. I`am sorry! If the Louis vuitton company was so concerned about that, they would have made a collection that is affordable!

I love coordination. I had to find a new case for my Blackberry Storm. I searched the net and I found this website! I found my case at a local mall! I bought this Coach wrist let at the Coach outlet!


Kicukalah said...

I wouldn't call it an addiction because you can say no to it if the price isn't right. It's almost like a sweet tooth for designer bags. And Suga (pun intended) let me tell you have a very good taste on what's sweet. That cover for your blackberry is the cherry on top! You make me want one! :-)

Anna Renee said...

I'm so late to this post, but I would say that it's a good addiction, as long as you can afford it--nurses got it going on in this regard. I love handbags but I love shoes much more. It never occured to me to shop outlets for handbags, since I get mine from a store called Ross in the SF bay area. I'm gonna start looking a little harder for my bags!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Anna Renee Hello! I`am like you! My real adiction is my shoes! I have so many, I have to rotate the shoes from and to the attic every fall and spring! Nursing has been good to me, but it is hard and unrewarding! My patients are worth it!