Sunday, July 27, 2014


My children always know when I`am going through a life crisis by what I do to my hair. As some of you know, I lost my mother ten months ago. That life crisis had me on the borderline of depression. Thanks to God and my husband, I`am back to my former self. 4/24/14 was her birthday. I cried a little, but realize she is in a better place. She will always be alive in my heart!

I really thought I was missing being relaxed. What my experience reinforced that I was potentially damaging my scalp. The first time a permanent color was placed on my head burned! I had not had permanent color on my hair for five years.

 My beautician relaxed my hair and I thought it was not so bad. When she told me to tell her when it starts to burn, I said this is wrong as hell! My head would be sore and tender. I realized I had sores on my scalp!

After that, I began spacing my visits from one month to every two months. Every time I would visit her for coloring, She would have a different color in my hair. I never walked out her salon with the same color! My cuts were fierce, but do I really want to go through all of that stress.

My independence was lost! I was afraid to swim, work out or get caught in the rain. The ritual I had to go through to get my hair looking decent, was ridiculous! I really grew tired of wasting my time getting "beautified!" After all, when I got up in the morning I never had the hairstyle from the salon!

I informed my husband that I was not happy with my hair and I was going to big chop and lock my hair by December. Well after watching Son of God and having a visit from "The Holy Spirit", I told my husband to get the clippers and cut my hair to the new growth!
My third Big Chop and final unless God has other plans for my life! I`am very satisfied and excited to start my lock journey as soon as I grow at least three inches of growth!

I have no problem what other women do with their hair, but I do get excited when I see women with natural hair especially those with locs! When it comes to my scalp and hair, I choose to keep them healthy and natural!




Kreyola said...

Doing my daughter hair reminds me why I will most likely never go back to perm hair. When I do blow outs to her hair, I hate telling her that she has to be careful of the rain or we can’t go swimming this week. It horrible. When she has her hair in the natural state, it’s whatever. I think once you have been natural, and are used to not worrying about the weather or the money that you need to invest, you find that you will always and truly remain a natural. Again...sorry for your lost and I'm happy you are happy again. P.S. I still get excited seeing a natural hair sister (locked or otherwise).

Stay Blessed.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Kreyola,I feel so free when my hair is natural! I`am noticing a lot of women of color going natural! The time and money that I spent with my permed hair could have been spent shopping for a pair of shoes and a bag! LOL!!!
Thank you for your condolences! I know she is in a beautiful place now!

Cheleski of The Knotty Truth said...

Im so glad your back!!! And that feeling of being home is so comforting. When i relocked, as tumultuous of a yr that it's been (and lonely compared to the old days when so many were interacting online about locks), I must say that I felt peace. I didn't have to wonder about a product or hair extensions/what to do. I just did it and went about my day with locks and that's the peace I need. Glad you're back home!!!

ljgregory said...

I'm glad you're doing well and back with us natural's.LOL. I'm so sorry for your lost. Yes, she is in a better place but with you in spirit. I am a newbie sisterlocked coming from a loose natural of 6 years.