Saturday, September 27, 2008

I`am Getting SisterLocks!

Shortly before the big chop, I went to visit my parents. My step mom and I were conversing. All the years I known her, I really did not pay attention to her hair. She always had been natural. She wore a press and curl, an Afro or braids.

I was a diva, so I was not into the natural hair thang! That day, I became enlightened! I noticed one loc that had released itself from the loc tie. I never saw tiny locs before. I asked her was that a loc? She said, yes. They are called SisterLocks. All this time, I thought she had micro braids that became fuzzy from neglect!

I never saw SisterLocks until I saw my step mom`s. Living in NYC and seeing so many locked heads, you would think I would have seen them.

I always admired dreadlocks. I even started my son`s dreadlocks. I did not want traditional locs because I wanted style versatility!
Base on my hair texture and desire for small locs, sisterlocks would be the best lock method for me!

December 1, 2007 my SisterLocks were born!

loc count:325

time: 15hr

pattern: 4

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