Sunday, September 14, 2008

The year of Transition

2006 was the year of transition. I thought I had to dress and wear my hair a certain way. I thought I could not enjoy myself anymore. I thought I had to give up my selection of music and my friends. little did I know, the only thing I had to do is surrender my life to the Lord and he would take care the rest! My life has changed. I have humbled myself in such a child like way! I still drive a luxury car and carry LV and Coach, but I see material things as a blessing and not a necessity!

I thank GOD for my health, my children, and for the air and the water that he provides for our existence. I always wondered how can anyone believe in the air that they can`t see, but knows that it is there. But, they cannot believe that there is a GOD!

Based on what is happening in the world today, people need to believe. Life is not going to get any better!

Serving the LORD is a BIG DEAL! I attended church as a child, but I had no idea what serving Christ was all about. I would read the Bible and had little comprehension of what was going on. When you are not saved, GOD does not give you total understanding. I was very afraid of the book of Revelations. Being a non-believer, I had every right to be.

Its so ironic that when I became a Born Again Christian, Revelations was the first book that GOD led me to study. God also led me to the Christian-fiction series, Left Behind, By Tim La Haye & Jerry B. Jenkins. This series gives an overview of what may happen to non believers after "The Rapture". The series scared me to death and re enforced what could happened to me if I`am not a practicing christian. Oh yes, in the book, prophets, pastors, and priest were left behind too!

For false Christ and prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect-if that were possible. matthew 24:24

When you turn on the television, you will see quite a few. Get in a Bible based chruch! Know the word(Bible). Praise and worship is great, but what you pastor teached you should be in one accord with the Bible!


1. Make time for God`s word.
2. Pray. Prayer is the channel through which all good flows from God to man: forgiveness, healing, power, and love.
3. Tithe. The purpose of tithing is to teach you to always put God first in our lives. Deut 14:23
Fellowship. Attending chruch encourages us to enter and enjoy relationships with other belivers so we may strengthen and encourage one another.
A christian lifestyle: Our devotion to Christ is lived out in our daily christian walk. "Christianity should be perfectly visible to all men"

When we accept Jesus as our savior, we are crucified with him in a spiritual sense. Our old unregenerated life dies and we are spiritually resurrected to a new life in Jesus Christ.


Simanga said...

Great story! I recently came back to the Lord and man has my life changed. I got married after 11 years of struggles, graduated college after 7 years of struggles, got a great job, and moved to a new state. Oh and I also almost joined the Navy. God is good!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Simanga, thank you for reading my post. We are the ones to block our blessings! I try to wonder how I made it without God. I know what you mean by change. I`am definately a brand new person!

Plenty of blessings to you!

dewdrop said...

I read the first book of the series and it was pretty good. I wasn't frightened by the story or anything but it did give me a good depiction of what it meant to be left behind. If you haven't read "The Shack" yet, then I would highly recommend it. I think you'll absolutely fall in love with the revelation and power of God's love through this story. It opened my eyes, helped change my life and make me grow in my relationship with the Lord.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Thanks Dewdrop. I will go to to purchase the book. I`ll inform you of my review of the book!

May God continue to bless you!