Monday, September 22, 2008

Leading To the Big Chop

I know we have all gone through more than two hours in the beauty salon. I was not immune.

My problem started when I found a job 40 minutes from home vs 75 minutes. I applied my own relaxers because a few years ago, I allowed a "professional" to place creamy crack in my hair. When I left the salon, I had less than 5" of hair on my head!

You see, my stylist went to the Dominican Republic to visit his mom. I needed to get my hair did! When I worked up the courage to visit him again, he said, "thats what you get for not waiting!" He proceeded to cut off my hair to the new growth. I wore finger waves for three months!

After a few years, my stylist went back to the DR for good and I had to search for another stylist.

I decided I wanted to go short. I spotted this chick with a fierce hair cut! You know I had to stop her to get her hair story! that weekend, I meet my Puerto Rican Barber, Virgina. She used to work for Vidal Sasson salons. She could cut her but off! She said she made more money as a barber than a stylist. I could see why. She could not style a lick! if you have a great cut, you will always be able to maintain the style.

After I grew tired of the Halle Berry phase and following my barber all over the bronx, I begain to style my own hair. I got so tired of so many stylist who seem to never get it right!

The last straw, was when my friend recommended a stylist who had relocated to my county from NYC. Since she was a home girl and my friend`s hair looked good, I decided to give her a try.
I asked her to trim my ends. She cut three inches of my hair off! Ok!, it did look a little better. Any way, its just hair. It will grow back!

The next appointment, I requested that she layer my hair. I showed her a picture of what I wanted. of course my hair did not look like the picture! I told her about it! She had the nerve to tell me she did not appreciate me telling her what to do! Well, I had to go South Bronx on missy girl! I dish out $40-60 every two weeks , walk out the salon not totally happy and the next morning, I can`t get the same style from the day before? She must have thought I was stupid!

#1. Virgina has to teach her how to "cut" hair!
#2. I think she has been doing so many white client`s hair, she forgot how to hook up a sista!
#3. She forgot who she was speaking to!



I went to my old neighborhood in the boogie down Bronx to seek out my old stylist. She hooked my hair up in my twenties and thirties. My only problem with her was, she came to the salon on thursdays. Only if she felt like it. I guess those are the perks when you are the owner! I grew tired of that too!

One sunday, instead of going to church, I went in front of the mirror with a pair of scissors and began to cut! When I was finished, I had one inch of curly hair. I had not seen my hair in twenty seven years!

After my big chop, the test of my self esteem began. My crown and glory was gone! The only thing that I had to hide behind was my self. It is so disheartening when you discover how physical and superficial the world really is. In my natural state, no one of the opposite sex would look at me. When I wore my long wig, I could not get men out of my face! I cannot do the wig thang! If a man is going to be attracted to me, I want him to be attracted to me for the person that I `am!

As India Irie states, " I`AM NOT MY HAIR!"


Kumina said...

Hey Sis!
I've had my blog since 2007,but I forget to list it when I'm posting in the groups. Thanks for the comment on my daughter, that's my 20 year old baby. BTW, she had a fit over your designer boots and bags! She loves everything she can't afford. Good thing you're in NYC, she would be at your house drooling over all your labels!

Amina said...

I was really touched by your story!!!

NubianLockedPrincess said...

Thank you, Amina! God has been so good to me!